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i ordered a couple pairs of chinos and 3 shirts. had about $75 in gift cards so it ended up being a sweet deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS This whole issue makes it sound like they have a finite number of custom orders they can use and so they can not just use them on anyone, which I strongly suspect is not the case. it is exactly the case.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley I don't think they put the Birkins on the shelves where the plebs can touch them. we do when we have one available.
I have a few items up for sale. All prices include shipping to the US. I will ship internationally but shipping costs will vary depending on destination. 1. Hermes ties, all are heavy/woven silk. $100 each or $350 for all 4 2. Lacoste polos, all are size 9. Worn a couple times, washed and hung dry. $20 each or all 4 for $70. Red, yellow, Green, Blue 3. Ferragamo Magnifico brown loafers, size 12EE. No box, but have the shoe bags. Worn maybe 10 times. ...
need to redo my shoes and i am looking 1 black pair 1 brown to get me start. my best fitting shoe is the AE Willburt in 12EEE if that helps size wise.
brooks brothers milano would be slim
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands Unless you are extremely tall and wear windsor knots, you don't need extra long ties. I don't own a single extra long tie, and all of my ties reach my belt when tied 4iH or half-Windsor and I'm 6'5". Trust me, I need extra long ties.
Quote: Originally Posted by amemovox My local Nordstrom Rack has an excellent selection of extra long ties. Never checked the brands; however, I assume XMI, Talbott as well as Nordstrom brand. Perhaps if you have a Rack nearby, you can call and see if they have them. Good luck No Rack but I'll check out the regular Nordstrom here one day when I have time and see what they have to offer.
I know Hermes does a few and I think Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren do as well but are there any other labels that do tall (extra long) ties?
I recently bought a pair of the Ferragamo Magifico loafers and they are just a little too narrow in the toe for me. They are a 12 EE and the color is called Hickory. Retail is $460, I paid $375 for them brand new, and I'd like to sell them for $300 shipped via FedEx 2 Day. I wore these only once so they are still practically brand new. PM if interested. Sorry for the stock photo, my wife has the digital camera with her.
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