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Quote: Originally Posted by Tim_Whatley if you had nothing shorter than a pitching wedge, and could only afford one wedge, what lofted wedge would you get. if you had nothing between a 3 wood and a 3 iron would you get a 5 wood or a hybrid (what degree)? just curious. 54° with some trailing edge relief if I need to open it up I'd get a 5 wood because I can't find a hybrid I can hit. They aren't upright enough for me.
if it is anything like the one in Concord it is not worth the effort.
replaced the water pump and serpentine belt in my car
SOLD!!!! Thanks!
I have 4 Hermes Kelly Caleche 1.6oz bottles for sale. they are new, still sealed. $40 each shipped.
I flip between US Airways and American Airlines depending on who has the better mileage multiplier. I do most of my flying out of DFW and CLT so those two airlines are the most beneficial to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by yjeezle does anyone have any suggestions for not getting a really dark tan while playing golf? i used to play in high school and would get really dark. i would prefer not to look like a burnt cookie. SPF 70?
Looking to get a few tall/extra long Hermes ties. send me a PM if you have anything.
I know they get trash talked but I like them, plus I got them for a great price.
Quote: Originally Posted by 0b5cur1ty Has anyone else here bought a subscription to the Bowers and Wilkins 'Society of Sound' music download service? I uhmed and ahhed for a bit and took the plunge yesterday.. and find myself rather pleased with it. The catalogue if far from extensive, but there are some very good (many specially made) recordings and you come across interesting things you otherwise wouldn't have. Every month 2 new recordings are added....
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