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I'm a tall guy (6'6") and get undershirts from either Hanes or Jockey. They both make tall sizes that stay tucked in. I got a couple packs of the Hanes from Kohls online a couple months ago buy one get one 50%.
Yeah, one of the reasons I was trying to avoid eBay... not worth the hassle and possible consequences.
custom Billy Reid shirts and suits. and pocket squares.
Tom Ford for Men today.
I've been listening to the new Down cd since it came out... great album!
The denim is great but do try them on. They seem to run a bit small to size in my experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart I can't imagine they'd spend all that money renovating the space and not open the store. Has the JL website added the SCP address to its list of stores? It has (as coming soon)
Dr. Pepper made with REAL Imperial Sugar
I have a small rotation: Hermes Terre d' Hermes Hermes Eau d'Orange Vert Hermes Vetivere Tonka Hermes Rocabar (I work for Hermes so I get them for free) Prada Man YSL Pour Homme Vera Wang for Men Soon to be purchased Gucci Envy Issey Miyaki
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