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I'm 6'6" and 280lbs and have about 6 pairs of the Clark fit. Very comfortable... wear to work, play golf, etc...
I buy mine at Nordstrom. Never had a problem with them plus Nordstrom is right around the corner from the store I work in so it is convienent for me to grab a pair when I need them.
I have for sale a BRAND NEW, WITH TAG Hermes of Paris tie. The tie is standard length (not a tall) and about 4" at the widest point (I don't have a measuring tape with me). Color is Jaune (yellow) with an off-white Chain D'Ancre pattern. I will include the orange box as well. Current retail is $170.... selling here for $125 shipped via FedEx. PM if interested.
I do a 4 in hand or a half windsor and end up ok.
For an OTR choice, Thomas Pink fits me pretty darn close to perfect. I'm a tough size to find and I do get about half my shirts MTM but I don't have a problem dropping $180 on Thomas Pink shirt. It fits good, looks good, launder well, and I will have it a long time so I feel I get my moneys worth.
only good on sale items, fyi
I wear an 18-37 and finding proper fitting shirts off the rack is a pain. I get most of my dress shirts these days MTM from Billy Reid but OTR I will buy Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren Big & Tall since they both make a 18-37. I might have to take them to the tailor to take in the sides and slim up the sleeves but they come out fitting great for not much money.
I'm not sure if this is relevent (I've got a splitting headache so I'm not reading to closely) but at the store I work at we won't do phone orders for people with Visa. Reason is because of Visa's policies regarding charge-backs and fraud. Don't ask me what that policy is, but that is what I was told by my store director.
Definitely NOT NM in Charlotte... horrid. Northpark in Dallas had a good selection last time I was there.
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