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My big thing in 2009 will be to stop buying shoes that don't fit properly.
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 I have a Hermes Wallet and the leather is so buttery it's absolutely divine. I can only imagine how a pair of gloves made of the same leather will feel on the hands. I need to go check them out at the stores... The thing I like best about the Hermes gloves is that they don't stretch over time. The way they fit when you buy them is the way they will fit in 10 years.
some bespoke Billy Reid shirts.
I know it isn't the most stylish but I use the Ogio Mastermind laptop backpack. for college and work i need function a lot more than style right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by joeygladstone cell phone, wallet, keys same here, except occasionally I'll carry some chapstick as well.
Rocabar by Hermes for me today.
I've got several white dress shirts from Nordstrom. Their house brand are only like 60 bucks full retail.
Graphite Hermes HAC 50 in Vache Fjord w/ Ruthenium hardware.
I have a MTM Burberry suit that I had done several years ago and I really enjoy it. I wouldnt buy another now that I get my suits and shirts made at Billy Reid but I am happy with it.
I use an Ogio.
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