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29.99 for Clearwire. Not sure what speed it is but fast enough for what I use it for.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji If I recall the ferrari Panerais are much cheaper then the original Panerai so it seems that it actualy takes some value away from it. The laptop seems kind of pointless though. Not in my experience... the Ferrari models are just as much, if not more, than the regular Panerai line. Maybe this has changed since last summer when I was last watch shopping.
I see it all the time here in Charlotte. Not a big deal to me.
I have for sale a BRAND NEW Hermes of Paris GM diary/agenda cover. The color is etrusque which is a really nice reddish-brown and it is in Lizard. I got the blank pad refill for it and address book which I'll include. Come with the original box and tissue as well. Retail for the cover alone is $850, and $25 for the refill. Selling it al for $500 shipped via FedEx with insurance.
I know Louis Vuitton isn't highly regarded around here but I really enjoy my Damier Graphite card case. 3 vertical card slots on one side, 1 horizontal slot on the other and then a compartment in the middle. Fits well in either my front pocket or back pocket. nice and slim.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Honestly? T-shirt and gym shorts. same here.
Personally I would take it to my normal tailor just because I am comfortable with him and know it would be done right and exactly how I want it. If I didn't already have a relationship with a tailor here in town, I would probably let Nordstrom do it just out of convienence.
I have a bottle of Rocabar by Hermes that I don't want. It has only been sprayed a couple of times so it is 99% full. It's a 3.3 ounce bottle, no box (i tossed it before I decided i wasn't going to keep it). $40 shipped. I can get a picture for anyone who wants one but it will be Monday night before I will have a chance (fiance' is out of town with the camera)
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