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Price reduction from $70 to $50. 
Still available. Have some wiggle room on the price.
Bumping this. It is still for sale.   I haven't had the time to take it to my watchmaker to officially check if it needs servicing. I am assuming it does need servicing and I've mentioned that above. Read the original post carefully. 
 The right temple. Rectangular frame made out of metal. What type of metal I couldn't find anywhere. Sure it's not Titanium. I ordered a replacement for cheap from an authorized dealer. Just need to find a place that will swap the lenses without fuss that the frame wasn't bought from them. 
The temple on my glasses broke off. Snapped right at the hinge. 100% sure if I could source a replacement temple, it's as simple as unscrewing the part of the temple still attached. Impossible to find online so far. If I take into Cohen's Optical it's likely $100 for the temple. Online the glasses can be had for $110-130 from grey market dealers. Less on eBay for preowned. But what about smaller glass repair locations? For...
Brand: Solar Specs: 25 jewel Swiss automatic movement, date feature (not quick set), gold plated case    History: Solar was a house brand for Canada's Eaton Department store. Most were finished by Gallet. Others contained Tudor movements from Rolex in a Oyster case, THIS ISN'T ONE OF THOSE.  Period: Anywhere from 1960's-1980's.  Movement: 25 jewel Swiss Automatic. Likely A. Schild 16XX or 17XX movement. Based on pictures from previous owners. Never opened myself. Service...
Answer determined.
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