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I stumbled across a new brand of Mens shoes few weeks ago but cant find the site again   I think its called Bond 59 th street or 49th street or some other dam street.. possibly an Italian brand.   can anyone help? 
If funny because this type of design ( The fold line across the top cap) was invented to absorb the crease when the shoe bends while walking. Its the oldest design in the book, but over the years the fold has crept more and more forward to look better on the eye. Now the fold harldy helps at all.
My GF post dumb shit every day, then talks me through every night in bed.
I think these people aught to be named and shamed.
 You can always try
Yes thats correct. Goodyear welted just means that the shoe was held against a machine. If you do a youtube search of Goodyear welt you can see the machines. Mr Goodyear invented the machine to mass produce shoes. The shoes to look out for are the Hand welted shoes
Thank you for the pictures I now had a good idea of what Im after.
Camouflage pattern on shoe soles seems to be in at the moment but what Im interested in is shoes with a Camouflage fabric upper   like below. Does anyone know where to buy them?  
Im starting to here more and more about this brand. They have such wonderful shaped lasts
I would put myself up there. haha
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