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I tried them once. Use me private discount code: 202020. it might still work.
  Would you not wear them in order too make money, further your career? Example: Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt..and many more I presume.
I'm not sure if this link has been put up yet. Its the ultimate guide!    I'm obsessed with all the clothing in Casino Royal
To be honest I think elevator Shoes are a big part of some men's lives, In certain parts of the world the population is taller. ( Holland for example).  I dont think it has anythng to do with insecurity its just trying to fit in etc.
For me nothing can compare to JM Weston. I bought a second hand pair of Tuxedo shoes from ebay and they are the best shoes Ive ever worn. I dont think there is a better French shoe maker. They are the oldest for sure.
I tried them once or twice when I was younger. It was a nice sensation being taller for the day. A great feeling at the Bar..Im 5,10
I'm convinced the Hairdresser's I choose work for the Government. Good Luck
I think most men dont want to go above 1 inch. I make elevator shoes myself and always keep the heels at 1 inch.  I see no harm in going for a Modern Brand, No shame in that.
Is it worthwhile going to see The Dictator? 
do they also have a website?   I found a picture of the front cover any way  
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