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I'm in my last year as an econ major. So I'm biased. But this has my vote. 
Entrepreneurship will go through you some very interesting topics, though I wouldn't take it as a major by itself. Unless you want to be an entrepreneur, you'll want to get a double major or get it as a minor.   A couple buddies of mine who went the MIS route got jobs as soon as they got out of undergrad.    At a couple schools I've been to, finance was taken by those who didn't want the challenges of an accounting degree and management was the 'cop out'...
Congrats, enjoy it. 
I have a G2X, in fact I have had many G2Xs. I've had to call T-Mobile to complain about this phone more times than I'd like to relive. What a waste of time. I don't know if they have fixed the issues on the new phones, they might have. I was able to get one where the issues aren't as pronounced.    There's class action lawsuit against LG too.
Hold off for a few more months. Interest rates aren't going anywhere and housing prices are still sinking. We may be heading for some stagnation/mild dip in the coming months.   Also, credit markets are pretty free at the moment, so securing a loan with good credit and an 'ok' down payment shouldn't be too hard.
Also, don't judge a book by the price you pay for it. Many times I have bought a book for a price and sold it for a few bucks less. The actual cost is the difference, which is why sometimes renting books isn't the best answer. 'Size up' the professor, does the syllabus specify a heavy reliance on the book?    Good luck!
In regards to Pizza, I find the local italian shops are best. None of that fast food pizza crap. I do enjoy Dominos and Papa Johns on occasion though.   I've also seen menus with ads on them. I understand firms want to be profit maximizing, but at what cost? That is a major turnoff. But again, if the food is good, I guess it's something that can be dealt with.
My name is Jason, I'm the owner of Usually I like to throw on a tee or polo and jeans, but living in sunny Miami, FL makes me throw on a pair of shorts more often than not. I also enjoy throwing on some Brooks Brothers on occasion.  I'm also in my last year of undergrad majoring in economics.
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