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Linen/Cotton blend, Slim fit indigo checked workshirt from SS 2016, SZ XL. While very light and breathable, it's not an overly thin shirt, making for a great year round material. Almost feels like flannel but it's much more breathable. Worn 1-2 times, perfect, like-new condition.   Typical RRL details, well constructed   -100% cotton. -Point collar with two-button throat tab buton. -Applied placket -Mother of pearl buttons. -Patch pocket at the left chest. -Rounded hem...
  I was digging through my email when I came across the invoice for these. We really had it good in 2012-13, didn't we? That MTO thread was like Xmas every day for someone here .
 That's sad. I got lucky and called at the right time. This was one of the last ones made. I actually got the note saying they were out of cappuccino and then another saying that had enough to make them. It ages so nicely compared to dark brown shell.
  Thanks! The #1 last fits me like a dream. Fits better than Barrie so these replaced a pair of Alden cigar PTB's. They've served me well and are just about due for a resole after 5 years. I may switch it up and go with AE's standard JR soles this time around. Nothing wrong with butyl, just a change for the sake of change. I love how the toe's lightened up and cappuccino has a nice olive tone unlike AE's dark brown shell. Wish they had more of it.
 I didn't know there was a 2.0. These are 1.0's.
These were part of the ill-fated MTO program. Purchased in 2012, Leeds in cappuccino shell on double butyl sole. Love em!!  
Tannery in Boston & Cambridge has Filson bags at 50% off as of yesterday, the 15th.
 One of the best! Love his feed.
 I couldn't get a good fit with those either. Had them shipped into BB on Newbury St., Boston. Glad I did as I'd have kept them and tried to make them fit before eventually selling them.
 Thosse are sharp. I'm drooling over the Chelsea V in the brown waxed roughout.
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