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Like the Moto shoes too!
 Ugghh. Hate 'em.
Holy shit Bloodline is good. Ben Mendelsohn is fantastic.
Couldn't agree more. stu00a And Silvio have been great to deal with.
I've been wearing 3sixteen 14 oz for a year and don't notice a difference with the 16 oz RRLs.
Too cool! I think he's worn a bunch of RRL stuff over the years. I'm fairly certain I'd hit up the RRL stores if the zombie apocalypse hits...maybe the gun shop first then RRL.
 They were brand new w/tags and marked as a 32 inseam. It's clear they haven't been altered and I'll give the seller the benefit of the doubt and assume he just didn't notice it. To be honest, I didn't notice it when I initially tried them on either. It wasn't until I put them on to wear for the day that I noticed the difference. It's almost like one leg is a 34 and the other is a 32. I plan get the longer leg hemmed to match the shorter one as I wanted the 32 length to...
 Wow, I really like the Stillwater wash. A bit more faded that I wanted this time around. The Helm is a nice slightly distressed wash but my next pair will likely be something the stillwater. I've never paid much attention to the washes other than "one wash" or "rinse". However, I don't wear denim enough to ever get decent fades and I was never comfortable buying snug and allowing it to stretch. So all my denim ended up too big post-stretch. The one pair I own that faded...
 Interesting about the RRL on the coin pocket. The US RRL shop shows the embroidery but other retailers (3rd party and RRL Asia for instance) do not. The rivet is there, just not visible in my picture. They may be 2nds, I'm not entirely sure. They weren't listed as 2nds (reputable ebay seller). This is my first slim straight and they are definitely snugger than I'm accustomed to however, most of my raw/rigid denim ends up stretching and looking baggy. These are already...
Picked up a pair of Slim Straight in Helm wash recently via ebay (NWT). Put them on today for the first time and found one leg about 1.5" longer than the other. Not a difficult fix but that's a new one for me.   The image exaggerates a bit as they aren't lined up perfectly but it's a clear difference. First experience with a non-rigid selvedge jean. RRL seems to do a great job with these washes. I'm pleased with the look.  
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