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My old brown burnished Kenilworth hasn't seen a single wear since my MTO cappuccino leeds came in this time last year. I dug out these pics of the first good shine when they were new. Gotta say, they looked good! On the marketplace now if anybody's interested.       In the end, the #1 last fits me so damn well. Glad I took advantage of AE MTO when available.  
 For my standard craftsman boots, I sized up a width and used the green superfeet insoles. It's worked very well for several years.
 My thoughts exactly. Also, check with your local Barbour store. The Boston store has offered a free reproofing day once a year. They simply send the jackets to Barbour USA and they come back in a few weeks. I've used it once for my Sapper and also sent my Bedale to Milford myself. Timeframe was the same for both. I have heard that the fall and winter have the longest wait times so I've always done mine in the summer. I do my jackets every other year.
Allen Edmonds Kenilworth, plain toe blucher/derby in brown burnished calfskin. Size US11D on the #5 last. Shoes are in used condition and will ship in original factory box. Shoes were purchased new by me and never worn on consecutive days. Always stored with cedar shoe trees and meticulously maintained with Saphir shoe care products. Leather soles show normal wear and are solid with no soft spots.   FS: $100 via PP + $15 shipping in CONUS. International buyers, shipping...
Goodyear Welted boot that can be resoled and recrafted by a competent cobbler or sent back to the factory for recrafting. Fully leather lined with a leather insole and outsole. I had a cobbler apply a vibram rubber half sole (topy) to the leather outsole to increase traction and reduce wear. I've owned them since new and never wore on consecutive days. They have been worn very little, always stored with cedar shoe trees in shoe bags and have been cared for with high...
Neat idea! I've never liked the kiltie pattern much either. Gotta love a solid DIY solution!Sadly Minor Threat broke up before I could see them. Still one of my favorite hardcore bands.
I wear mine with brown shell as well. The Scott Harness is my favorite Equus belt that I own.
It's been awfully quiet and bicker-free recently. I just can't put my finger on what's changed... .
 Your smooth distressed BH's are inspiring! I always figured I'd go with that leather one of these days. But your roughout/smooth distressed has me intrigued. Do you have any pictures/info about this makeup? I've seen CXL roughout and others simply labeled roughout but nothing specifically distressed smooth roughout.
Great info, thanks. I remember leafing through a "Man of the World" magazine not long ago with a lengthy RRL article as well.http://www.manoftheworld.com/pages/issue-no-5
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