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 It took a couple of episodes to get me back into it. Overall, I enjoyed but it was certainly disjointed. The early Wayne Lowry story left me hanging. Loved the end. It'll get me to watch the next season. I always had a thing for Linda Cardllini so it's got her going for it.
These haven't seen much wear with the heat and humidity lately but I finally snapped a few pics.   Notre vintage mocha, 110 last on commando. Darker in the following contrasty images but are lighter in different light.      
Moving is the worst!! Wonder where the other two big boxes are. Now I know why I save all these shoe boxes.  
I'm now on ep 3...Damn! It's starting off with a bang. Danny is/was a BAMF! Such a good actor as well. It's too bad his fate was sealed right from the start of Season 1.
 I use the plastic version and a suede eraser. The brass version seems like overkill but I've never used one. The plastic (fingernail-looking brush)/eraser combo has worked well for my needs. Note, I highly recommend Terrago Nano spray. It's really magic stuff! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnOw_sNVG0A I use this type of brush & suede eraser: https://www.amazon.com/Woodlore-Suede-Bar-Brush/dp/B0002TVB70
 Good to hear. I loved season 1. Been meaning to start season 2 but haven't gotten around to it yet. First feedback I've come across so thanks!
Good point. Look no farther than Bruce Wayne taking over Fox's department of Wayne Enterprises and using it as his personal crime fighting skunk works. Ralph Lauren has a bit of a vintage-inspired Bruce Wayne vibe.
 or..."for white guys like me with a no gym habiit" I like the aesthetic and love the fact that I can get a L or XL in teh brand. I've gotten real lucky via ebay as the big sizes sit around for a while. I'd be bummed if RRL got shuttered. As you said, I hope the fact that Ralph has a soft spot for RRL keeps it around for a while longer.
  As always, nicely done Don.  I'm loving the cool weather this week in Boston. Very boot friendly.
Just wanted to share images of a couple of new straps, Natural and Color 4 shell cordovan "Single Pass" straps, courtesy of @Deusis at Guarded Goods leather. The color 4 arrived yesterday and I love it. Shown here on my Seamaster, the first mechanical watch I bought around 2000-01.   Color 4 Shell on Seamaster:         Natural Shell on GMTIIC:       Natural Shell on Seamaster:       After careful consideration, I've come to the conclusion that...
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