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Wow, those are very unique.
 I have the rigid officer chino that hits 2 yrs old this month. They are perfect. I have the olive heringbone version from this year and the dark green rigid officer from last year they just don't want to submit. I'm considering throwing them in the dryer on no-heat...or I just need to wear them more.
      If I knew then what I know now...
 I am a brannock 11D. I have one pair of barrie boots (JCrew PCT) and went up to TTS/11D. I was in the store and tried on my regular 10.5D and found them surprisingly snug. After owning 3 other Barrie shoes I was very surprised. My Barrie chukka however, fits just like my Barrie shoes. That's why I feel like chuukas are much more akin to shoes than boots. My Trubalance boots fit fantastically in 10.5D. They are CXL if that makes a difference. I love that last. It gives me...
I'm with Ryden. Today's snow removal features a slip on for me. I'm trying to not let it get too deep, so I'm out there every couple of hours. The leather on these 6 yr old Blundstones feels exactly like plastic so at least they are waterproof.
I've owned all three as well. The Beckman like you said, required the most break in but is probably the best of the bunch, IMO. OSB Trench and 1K at MSRP are so close to a pair of Whites, I'd go that route.I've sold all three and replace them with a pair of Viberg Service boots.
I recently got a question about Alden chukkas and thought it may be useful info to share here at FBGO.   Images compare snuff lined chukka on crepe sole/Barrie 10.5D to tan unlined on flexwelt/Leydon 11D. Both fit well but if I had to do it again, I'd have gone 11E on the Leydon pair. In the end, they simply stretched where they needed to but that's the nature of unlined suede. The barrie fits like my other barrie shoes/boots, length and width are great with a heel...
Well said.
I always got a kick out of the blucher's origin, Gebhard von Blucher...   The Blucher Shoe During the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century, a Prussian general named Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher saw that his soldiers were having trouble getting their boots on and off. To solve this problem, he commissioned a half boot with two leather flaps across the vamp held together by laces. The design was so popular that it quickly spread across Europe, becoming the blueprint...
 I have slightly high instep/high volume feet. I've grown to love Bluchers. I also dress more casually so they work with my wardrobe but I seem to like the fit as well.
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