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It's been awfully quiet and bicker-free recently. I just can't put my finger on what's changed... .
 Your smooth distressed BH's are inspiring! I always figured I'd go with that leather one of these days. But your roughout/smooth distressed has me intrigued. Do you have any pictures/info about this makeup? I've seen CXL roughout and others simply labeled roughout but nothing specifically distressed smooth roughout.
Great info, thanks. I remember leafing through a "Man of the World" magazine not long ago with a lengthy RRL article as well.http://www.manoftheworld.com/pages/issue-no-5
I've tried that jacket on a few times now at your store. Looks great on you...less great on my XL frame.I really like the UW line. I'd love to see some of their sport coats. Have you guys ever carried them (or have plans to)? Or do they fill a similar slot as EG?
Correct, JCrew they are. I've posted these images a few times now, but here's an experiment I tried when they were fairly new. I'd never tried a mirror toe on shell before. They looked great with a suit.In the end, I prefer the matte finish for shell. More versatile like this way.
Those are mine. Here's what they look like now:
I follow his tumblr for the same reason.
 I spec'd two West End belts in 1 3/8" and find they do just about everything well. Scott Harness with brass and a burgundy bridle belt w/brass buckle. The burgundy works with jeans/chinos and even business attire in a pinch. It's been the perfect travel belt with Color 8 LWBs or boots as I can dress the shoes up or down as needed. The Scott belt is a bit more casual, but still works well with business casual and just as well with heavy jeans & boots. 1 3/8" is a great...
  Wow! Those really are stunning. EG does grain calf very well...better than most. Even without the rarity and "never to be made again" factors, these are out of this world. Thanks for the great images.
 I've found they receive it pretty quickly but it takes 10+ days to process a refund. Not a big deal but it seems like a long time in this day and age.
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