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 Great boots, stunning images. Well done capturing the texture.
   The GYW was the only thing holding me back. In the end, I decided that $532 was just too good to pass up. I'll now have one stitchdown and one GYW. Looking forward to trying out the commando sole. My roughout Vibergs will probably be due for a resole after next season and I always figured I'd resole with commando. Now I can try it out first. I can live with GYW but the aforementioned dehydrated scrotum look would be reason to return . 
I am so tempted with the Notre 110 Last in Mocha vintage on commando. They'd likely see very little wear until fall but that's the perfect iteration of a work boot, IMO. That sale price may be too hard to pass up.
Couple of XL Bedfords for sale: BOTH SOLD   XL Bedford SS13 Khaki cotton P-P 23.5" (fits a bit roomier than my other Bedford jackets). $180 shipped excellent condition, worn ~10-15 times. Trying to find the tags & extra buttons but not having much luck. Purchased from Drinkwaters. I had the sleeves shortened to 24-25" from shoulder seam. For reference, my dress shirts are a 35 sleeve length. Sleeves on both jackets are a bit too long to show shirt cuff and sleeve...
Clumsy accident last week while flying. All that extra leg room combined with my 11D feet resulted in the following.   Before:       Here's the after. I used a bit of brown cream polish followed by brown wax polish and some brushing.       After looking at the pictures, I see that I missed a spot. Fixed it after I took the pics but you get the idea.
 oops, didn't see that part. spoke too soon .
...and a suede brush.
  I'm an XL in all my Bedfords and probably could have gone L in the Loiter. However, I don't see it as a real fitted jacket and still looks good with a loose fit. My sleeves are a bit long but I roll them once. On the Bedford, I get the sleeves shortened.
I don't have a RS Bedford to compare but I have this year's high count twill Bedford, older wool serge Bedford and a khaki cotton Bedford from 2012 or 13. The biggest difference is that the Loiter is a single layer of very lightweight/thin fabric throughout. The only places it doubles are the button placket and around the lower patch pockets. While the Bedford is also a single layer, it's probably twice the weight/thickness of the Loiter's fabric. There are also some...
I just cant get enough of the navy cotton Loiter jacket. Paired with chinos and an OCBD it's real smart. Very different than the Bedford and so lightweight. Will be great as the weather warms up.
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