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    I'm a big fan of the 1 3/8" as well. I ordered several in that width including a Shackleton & Scott. I don't wear them with suits but they are versatile enough for jeans to chinos to flannel trousers & SC.
   Well said.
 True for me in Boston as well. In the last three years, I've acquired three pair of boots, all with commando (snuff wingtip boot from B&M, color 8 tanker from Context and the PTB from Adam).
  Very little product. I experimented a bit when the PCT's were new and put a high gloss shine on the toe caps. I realized that I prefer a matte finish so I never added any more wax after the shine wore down a bit. They get brushed before/after each wear and I condition with Bick 4 once or twice a year. I may have mixed in Lexol once or twice but eventually settled on Bick 4 when they seem dry (which I typically notice first in the rolls). Same boots 5 years apart. 
    TSM's model is a great boot that I almost bought...until I saw @Alden of Carmel's Trubalance version. Both are versatile but Adam's AF53A is such a perfectly designed makeup. A shell plain toe on Trubalance's unique toebox shape is really eye catching IMO. I've always liked the look of all eyelets but have come to the conclusion that eyes and hooks are just too damn convenient to pass up.  
  Beauties! Bureau Belfast are a great bunch of guys. Would love to visit that shop in person one day.
Last one for the day:   My five year old PCT on Barrie vs new Trubalance PTB.  
 Good question. I just have so many other Barrie lasted shoes & boots but only two on Trubalance, so part of it is a desire for diversity. They fit very well and I like the roomy interior toebox and outwardly bulbous toe (bulbous compared to Barrie). It's almost a munson/military looking last so when you pair the beefy commando sole, utilitarian old school last and  color 8 shell, it hearkens back to the days when work boots were actually made of shell. They always...
I've paired down my rotation over the last few years. It got to the point where some models wouldn't get worn for months. I hoped to get to a point where every pair in the rotation was a favorite. Therefore, my acquisitions are limited to maybe a pair a year. In 2016, I added a color 8 tanker on commando.   One model that I've coveted for years is Alden of Carmel's perfectly executed AF53A. I've grown to love the commando sole and a plain toe boot showcases shell's...
 I did the same thing until a colleague from Manhattan corrected me.
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