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I've always enjoyed your fits @Cotton Dockers. You were the impetus for me to start working my Bedfords into a business casual work environment. My industry is pretty staid but nowadays I've settled into Alden shell shoe/boot, chinos and an OCBD with a cotton or wool serge Bedford as my standard uniform especially in the warmer months.You make it look easy ūüėÄ .
  Great advice. It almost seems crazy until you realize shell boots are coming in at $7-800 a pair.
I'm jealous. I keep trying to arrange a trip for work but it never seems to work out.
  Incidentally, I have this one in XL if anyone's interested. It's a madras from SS but in a nice fall friendly color.
 As always, a great image. @marvaments is a must follow on IG if you aren't already doing so.
  @ironclad, stunning boots in your sig. My heart skipped a beat until I saw they were too small for me. Somebody sized 8.5 Barrie will be getting a great deal on some rare, long awaited boots!
  Very well said. Of all your beautifully worn shell examples, it's these that I find particularly impressive. I've always thought that a plain toe showcases the inherent beauty of shell, especially color 8. I have a pair of Adam's (@Alden of Carmel) perfectly executed AF53A's coming in this fall. I've coveted the AF53 for years. I really think it's a masterpiece of design. All the fine points of color 8, the (dare I say) slightly bulbous toe of trubalance mated to a...
   That's where I got mine as well. I really don't use it all that often. First time out, I put a big scratch on a pair of PTB's. It came right out as is the nature of shell but I've been gun shy ever since. Now I'm careful to use only one big flat section on the bone.
 Will do. I only got a couple of seasons into SOA. Good show but I had to prioritze...too much content out there.
Just snapped a couple more recent images. Couple of years and I'll be in @thams territory.        
New Posts  All Forums: