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Thanks for all the kind words. They are coming up on three years old.
PCT's today. Haven't worn them in a month or so but after cleaning them up and dressing the edges this weekend, I had to throw them on.    
Thanks guys The pic is a couple of yrs old. I think they were Tellason 16oz denim.
 Thanks for the note. Yes they are the Jcrew PCT's. They've seen a couple of winters and a fair bit of wear. I didn't do much other than condition a few times/year and brushing. I started with Renovateur but lately have settled on Bick 4. It is amazing how much they've lightened up compared to the image next to LS Ultimate Jumpers but it was just time and wear.
Thanks MrDV. They complement each other nicely.Old pic to compare Barrie & TB. The color 8 was so dark back then.
 The 2040 is still a decent looking workboot last, just not from the top .  [[SPOILER]]
Makes Barrie look sleek.
 Many folks take the same size across all Viberg lasts, which is often 1/2 size down from brannock. The 2030 is definitely the sleekest of their lasts. For reference, I'm a measured 11D and take a 10.5D in barrie and TB lasts. I'm also a 10.5 on Viberg's 2040 last which has much more volume than the 2030. I'm not sure the 2030 would work for me but I'd likely try a 10.5 first based on what I've read in the Viberg thread. For reference: Barrie vs 2040  TB vs 2040 
 Very good point, that hadn't occurred to me at all. Rare makeups (especially shell) are not easily had in different widths. Stock models can at least be ordered in E. It may take a while but, they'll make them.
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