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  Thanks ddd.
When did Brooks Bros start carrying the Peal/C&J burgundy shell boot?   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-brooksbrothers-Site/default/Product-Variation?pid=621H&dwvar_621H_Color=BRWN&dwvar_621H_Size=08_D&dfltsize=1&cgid=0522   I always like them but they were off the website for the past year or so. Seem to have a full size run now.  
  You are likely right that a bit of breakin will help. Though it depends where they are snug. I'm a measured 11D so I went 10.5 on the 2040. They were very snug in the instep but had ample length and width. I was worried but they broke in perfectly. If they felt small in length or width, I'd have returned them. Good luck! I'd love something on the 110.
  I need another Bedford like a hole in my head but that navy twill looks awesome! I could definitely work a cotton version into my rotation given that my navy bedford is the wool serge. Thanks for the great pictures Dustin. Looks great!
  Very nice Don. it's a good day week month season for shell on commando sole.
  Oh, that makes sense. In a perfect world, mine would've lightened equally but I've learned to live/enjoy it. The contrast is always more evident in images, especially because I boost the contrast a bit, making for a more dramatic image. In person, it's a bit less apparent. Mine are <3 yrs old. Your will age well I'm sure.
  They will lighten in those spots and the only thing you can do is slather dark polish on those spots (which isn't advisable) Note, that the variation in how the leather ages is actually quite coveted. Many folks buy shell for that very reason you mention. These are a few years older but you can see they lighten in the same way as yours.      And lastly, old color 8 compared to new color 8.  
 Thanks...just plain beautiful.
What makeup is this? Westley Richards rosewood CC?
  Per my post, they are absolutely CG. Quality's gone way down in recent years (this pair is 7-8 yrs old). My original Blundstones were a nice full grain leather, circa late 90's.
New Posts  All Forums: