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 I'm in the exact same boat. I'd love dainite to replace the double waterlock on the LS Ultimate Jumpers (pictured above a few posts). I just don't wear them enough to need a resole.  Thanks Mike. They are just brown CXL, color in my image is not entirely accurate. From LS: 
A little CXL x LS for church this morning. THese get lost in the back of the closet but every time I wear them I remember how comfortable the trubalance last is for me. They feel much better than Barrie.
  When I moved into Boston (ca. 95 or so), I came across Color 8 LWB's at the Tannery. The SA's kept telling me they were orthopedic shoes, not suitable for standard feet, daily wear, business attire, etc. I wish I could remember what they tried to sell me instead. Tannery's never been known for customer service but this is pretty funny given the brand's popularity today.
  I wait all summer for cool weather so I can start wearing boots again. I love this time of year...snow and all.
 In fact it's the waxed flesh look I'm trying to emulate. You may be onto something...perhaps I need both?
  Very dramatic change, isn't it? looks like he does the interior of the boot as well. Not sure I'd go that route.  And you are right. After a while, they look great! 
I think you guys are right. Appreciate the feedback. I used Obenauf HDLP. Let me know if you want to try it. I have a big container of the stuff and would be happy to send you enough to treat a pair of boots. You could use any wax based leather conditioner/treatment. Some like sno-seal. http://90thidpg.us/Equipment/Projects/Dubbing/
To treat or not to treat.   I've been hemming and hawing about treating (dubbing) my Viberg Mocha Roughout boots. I love them as is but I also like the look of treated roughout. I always figured I'd treat my first pair of roughout boots. I like the look and the increased weather protection. Once I got these in hand, the dark, hairy roughout was so damn gorgeous, I reconsidered. I obtained a couple pieces of scrap roughout in the same color for an experiment.   Images...
I love my 2040 Viberg's. However, I keep wanting a viberg in something like the 310 last. Yours are a perfect example. However, for a boot that looks like that, I'd almost rather get something from Whites (who don't offer something like Viberg's 2030 or 2040). Then I could give the arch ease a shot.
Cigar plain toe boot, all eyes on commando (or dainite if we are dreaming) on modified last.That was fun
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