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  That's just plain hilarious...not at all surprising...but very funny.
    Brass would be a nice touch. Look forward to seeing how they turn out.
Thanks to Yenni, I'm the happy new owner of some snuff suede on commando!! As expected, she was a pleasure to deal with and I love the boots.         It will be a sunny 90 degrees and humid today and I'm happy as a clam wearing boots on commando.
I was so bummed they delayed the season finale last week. Can't wait for it to air tonight. GREAT show.
I like them . What size are you normally? I'm an 11D measured and wonder if the 10.5 he has will work for me.
Very nice. I've had these for a couple of years. One of my most worn casual shoe. Perfect for air travel, crepe is mighty comfy.
I couldn't resist. Brick & Mortar snuff WT boots incoming from Yenni. Thank God for overnight shipping.
I had a pair of cigar PTB from TSM sent back to Alden for refinishing as there was considerable streaking. They came back much darker but without streaking. Within days the new finish flaked off. TSM/Ed offered to attempt a fix with creams & polish but I elected to return them at that point. It *may* have worked but the process had taken months by then. TSM was very accommodating But I'd worn them just a couple of times in my first 3-4 months of ownership so I threw in the...
Thanks for all the kind words. They are coming up on three years old.
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