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I ordered my Islay from Barneys. They came with C&J shoe bags, rather than boot bags. I sent an email to C&J who mailed a new set of boot bags. If you use them, you could get a set. If they gather dust, why bother?Glad to hear you got the boots sorted out. Enjoy!
 Given that I said I'm looking for a waxed flesh appearance, I'm still not sure you are getting the desired effect. Nubuck is a smooth leather. To each their own...I'm having copeland flashbacks.
 I'm with you. I never felt HDLP left a permanent residue. I'd never use it on leather that I wanted to shine but any matte finish has held up well. I prefer thin coats as you mentioned. I actually treated my C&J Islay boots with HDLP this year. It's been a crazy, snowy winter here in New England and I'd get home and my boots would be wet to the touch, salt stains, etc. The beauty of Obenauf IMO is that once they are treated, the leather is so much easier to clean. The...
 I think you may be misinterpreting the desired effect. I want to keep the nap, burnishing with a slicker is exactly the effect I'm trying to avoid. I'm not looking for a smooth leather finish but rather something along the lines of waxed flesh that won't saturate in snow, slush, etc. It worked wonderfully.  I used Obenauf on roughout. It's not tacky. Have you ever used HDLP? That tackiness isn't permanent and is gone not long after application on every smooth leather I've...
They look great!
I didn't ask so I have no idea.
 I did the exact same thing to my Viberg Mocha roughout boots recently. Viberg sent me some swatches of the roughout to test it so I slathered on HDLP and allowed it to dry. Treated:  Untreated:  For reference, here's a shot of the boots when new.   They are a gorgeous brown with lots of depth. In the treated swatch above, the dubbin/Obenauf HDLP darkens and dulls the roughout and eliminates the nap (which is expected). Given the winter here in New England, I still wanted...
Direct from Viberg. They still have some small sizes left in this model, sub size 8 I think.
 Thanks. I walk our dog on a re-purposed rail trail. It gets plowed but it's still a couple of inches of packed snow/ice. Not exactly dainite friendly. I use a pair of yaktrax grippers on the longer walks and it works fine. I kinda assume that a ridgeway sole wouldn't be all that much better on that surface but nothing aside from ice grippers or full commando would do any better.
My Obenauf treated Mocha roughout service boots at a little over 4 months. I understand that treating these was not a popular decision but I'm absolutely loving them! The nap is coming back nicely just about everywhere with the exception of some flat areas that don't flex or see any friction. But with the snow and slush we've seen in the Boston area this year, I'm so pleased with the added weather protection.   The nice thing about smooth leather is that salt wipes off...
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