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      Mocha vintage, 110 last on commando today. Perfect cool saturday.
  That's correct, I dubbed them to gain water resistance. It worked like a charm and the nap even came back over time. For reference, this was out of the box:   I love the all (brass) eyelets. Most of my Aldens have a combo of eyes/speedhooks. I much prefer the look of all eyes.
One more from today:  
  Roughout on 2040 today.
 Couldn't agree more. I picked up 4 OCBD's earlier this year when they launched the new, no pocket version and had a sale. I like them a lot but other than those, BB hasn't tempted me much. There is one item that I've considered every time I see a 40% sale. Cashmere 2 button SC: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-brooksbrothers-Site/default/Product-Variation?pid=174M&dwvar_174M_Color=NAVY&dwvar_174M_chest=36&dwvar_174M_Length=SH&cgid=0217&dfltsize=1 I...
 They look great but at those prices, this is the only color 4 I'll own any time soon.  Both watch straps in shell courtesy of Guarded Goods, @Deusis. He does great work and has a significant supply of shell in so many colors.   [[SPOILER]]
 Looks GREAT! My cap toe boots lightened beautifully over the years but like most I've seen, one is always lighter than the other. For me, it's the left.
 Great choice. I'm with you, that's a perfect Indy configuration. TB and Commando are the perfect pairing. I have a pair of CXL cap toe boots from LS in TB. They'd be perfect if not for the lack of commando sole. Waterlock is good, just not great for me. I'm waiting on a pair of AOC/Adam's masterpiece of Tru-Balance-ness, the AF53A. When it arrives this winter, I'll be in TB heaven .Trubalance and commando master race !!!
Med looks like it was made for you.
Shout out to Zack at 3Sixteen. He responded to a ton of emails this afternoon right at close of business on a Friday to help with an order that'll ship to SENY for hemming.   Thanks a bunch! He was a huge help. Trying out the CT120x. First shadow selvedge for me and in the seemingly perfect CT cut. I have a pair of 3 yr old CS100x that I love but ended up tapering.
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