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Thanks. I love it but have not seen it in person. I've checked out the 82 last galway but I'm looking for a country boot for casual wear.
Need some sizing advice as I'm strongly considering the Westley Richards Rosewood Galway. If I'm a brannock 11D US, would I go for a 10 or 10.5 UK in the F64 last? At that price, it's very tempting. http://usastore.westleyrichards.com/edward-green-galway-rosewood-country-boot
If they don't work out for you...
I came across this article recently and noticed they've used my picture of my black and chestnut craftsman boots. A little credit would have been nice http://www.makesgoodbusinesssense.com.au/news/rm-williams-to-supply-australian-army/
Because most EG fans are much smaller than me, I've been very lucky sourcing XL shirts and jackets on sale. Good luck!
FWIW, I have a 44" chest and fit well in Bedfords in XL. I just need to get the sleeves shortened. I have the navy wool serge Bedford from FW13 and the khaki cotton Bedford from SS12.
   One dude completely derailed the Wolverine 1K and OSB threads as well. I guess that's all it takes...
What is it about the footwear threads at sf? Like many folks, I spend a disproportionate amount of my sf time at the various footwear threads, EG, C&J, Alden, AE, Whites, RW, OSB, shoecare, RMW and even the Wolverine 1K thread a few yrs ago. It seems that these threads attract many of the same people (myself included) and are some of the most informative, pleasant threads around. However, all it takes is one individual to throw a wrench into the works and they can implode...
Interesting...look forward to seeing the results.
I was thinking the same thing. That area creases, lightens, darkens, etc. it will likely blend in in short order. Nice find!
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