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A little corn maze agri-tainment with the family.
 I treated with HDLP for water/slush protection. I was worried that I'd ruin them but the nap came back over time and I'm loving the look now...almost a year later.  Mocha oil tan roughout is correct.
 d3 summed it up very well. The only thing I'd add is that Alden & Viberg began life targeting very different audiences. Generally speaking that is still true today...except to footwear enthusiasts like us. 20 years ago, it would be unusual to have a customer rotating between Alden and Viberg. Alden is fundamentally a dress shoe/boot maker that's shifted slightly over the years to include more casual models. Viberg is a work boot maker that's developed into something much...
This rainy morning's boot choice.    
Quote: Mocha Oil Roughout on 2040, direct from Viberg. They still have the small sizes left. http://viberg.com/collections/footwear/products/service-boot-oil-tan-mocha-roughout When brand new:     
 It's the Scott belt that relegated my Russet to 2nd string. Sorry for all the @Equus Leather talk folks. To keep it on topic, a couple pics of my footwear choice this morning.   
  That is AWESOME!! Mine gets so little wear these days. Now that it's fall, it'll get worn more but still weekends only. Yours has transformed into something magical! Here's a shot of mine compared to a virgin piece of the same leather. Old pic but it hasn't changed much since then. 
 I'd go with anythign natural. Natural CXL or any of the many veg tanned/undyed natural belts that get darker with wear. Certainly doesn't have to be suede or roughout (IMO). I love the @Equus Leather  Russet bakers belt. http://www.equusleather.co.uk/belts/bakers-of-colyton-leather-belts/russet-bakers-bridle-leather-belt-html.html
  @bl@ster I always loved this boot when you originally posted about it. It was actually the inspiration boot that caught my eye. How have they broken in over the last couple of years. Any chance you have an update image?
Next level! Lovely image.
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