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  Wow. Those are really stunning.
Thanks for the kind words folks!
 Is that piece of leather called a "facing" or a "quarter"? #flapgate sounds so much better than the more technical #facinggate.
Thinner socks and a bit loosely laced and most of the instep pressure is gone. I think they'll break in nicely. I'll wear them around indoors for a few hrs a day and see how it goes. In the meantime:         Roughout texture is amazing. I'm not sure I could stand to treat them. I love the look of dubbin treated boots, but they look so nice as is.
Quick question guys. My Mocha roughouts/2040 size 10.5 arrived. I measure an 11D brannock, slightly wide, slightly high instep/high volume.   Length on these is perfect. Heel cup is perfect. Plenty of toebox room, which is what usually gets me on footwear. Note, barrie last fits great in forefoot but I swim in the heel. Where I'm getting a bit of pressure is in the areas noted below with arrows. I'm also a bit concerned about the gap between the lacing eyelets. I'm...
Funny, that's what got me as well. Most of my footwear has blind eyelets but I've come to appreciate contrasting eyelets especially on casual footwear like these. IMO, it makes all the difference.
I've got my eyes peeled Incidentally, my first Viberg's are on the truck for delivery today.SERVICE BOOT OIL TAN MOCHA ROUGHOUT
I keep hoping to see some sick boots walking around Boston (Viberg, EG, etc.) and figure they'll be attached to Rydenfan.
I get up there once a month or so for business and stop by PDG every so often. Great store, I've picked up a handful of EG pieces over the years. Couple of spots that haven't been mentioned (from a non-local): Benkay, Sushi Nosh Kitchen, burger Bard, Coffee Crema, Coffee
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