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Looking for sizing help on Buttero Tanino low. I measure an 11D US so was thinking 44 EU but I read that they run big. Would a 43 work?
  Between these and the Jefferson MTO you win the AE MTO thread.
    Some dude?? That's all I get...I'm crushed .    That was on the 18th or 19th, last week. Note, the outlet doesn't ship.
  Those really are gorgeous! The black laces & black dainite are a particularly nice match. I've always liked the look of color 8 CXL and these are a real stunner.   
Thanks Dustin & the rest of the PDG team. I stopped by earlier this week and while browsing the sale rack, I came across a great EG piece that I couldn't resist. It was the navy cotton/wool light jacket from FW13. I couldn't be happier with the purchase and as usual I had a brief and enjoyable chat. Of particular note was some gorgeous Barbour x Norton & Sons jackets and knits as well as the Barbour Dept. B Commander jacket in navy. It's a stunning piece in Barbour's...
I feel exactly the same way and said something very similar about a year and a half ago. I took delivery of my 4th Equus belt in February this year.Great images Charlie!
Just stopped by the Barbour outlet in Kittery. They still had a handful of Norton & Sons jackets. Barra in Navy M, L, XL, XXL (one of each). They were priced at $699 - 40%. One XL Barra in tan and I think a full size run of St. Kilda jackets in the green color. I didn't check the price but I think it was $100 more than the Barra. I also noticed the a full size run of the Shordace jacket in Navy and a small selection (4-5 pieces) or Beacon and Dept. B items. A full size run...
 I'm completely enamored by the dainite. I've had primarily double leather on my shoes & boots until I picked up the Islay this year. I'm ready to resole all my Alden boots with dainite when they need it.
No shit. That's taxpayer $.
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