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That's the one, well said @postal007. This makeup checked off so many boxes on my want list; commando, antique edge and storm welt all in an NST. The pull tabs aren't exactly functional given their tiny size but they don't take away from it either.
This is one photogenic pair of boots! The hand stitching is a joy to look at and photograph. I couldn't help but snap a few more with the late afternoon light.            
X-post from Alden thread.   My latest acquisition Alden x Context color 8 tanker w/antique edge on commando. LOVE the commando. These should handle winter with aplomb.        
I'd never heard that before. Thx for sharing Steve. Does Kathy in DC offer E widths on their grant last CT/commando boots?
Well said. Are they Selvedge or is it a taped seam? Either way they look great.
The only footwear I wore today. Lets hope the 4th time was the last of my shoveling for the day.  
Grant TTS, Barrie 1/2 down. I've never owned a Grant but that seems to be the standard response to the question.
Some proper images of my latest aquisition. Color 8 tankers on commando, my first NST. I've grown to love the commando after picking up the snuff wingtip boot last year. This makeup was perfect as it paired commando with the antique edge, two things I was hoping for.      
 Thanks, my thoughts exactly. When I saw antique and commando, I had to pounce. No more shoe purchases for 2016...I hope.
New Posts  All Forums: