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 How'd you size them?
 Thanks Dustin. I'm heading up your way Monday or Tues this week. Fingers crossed you have something that works. I'm an 11D via brannock. Hope all is well.
  Are these just a standard chestnut comfort craftsman? It may be the light but it just doesn't look like chestnut to me. it looks so much richer than a standard chestnut cc. For reference, my black & chestnut craftsman: 
I've never bought Rancourts before but I'm loving the Chandler Camp moc. Do you have any sizing advice for both the loafer and camp moc?
 Couldn't have said it better myself. With multiple Equus belts, I have every occasion covered and can wear a piece of made in England daily. Congrats Charlie & Dawn!
I'm watching Godzilla again on HBO and keeping wondering which EG jacket Ken Watanabe is wearing? I really thought my googling would get me an answer but I just can't figure it out. Fits & suits him well.        
Like the Moto shoes too!
 Ugghh. Hate 'em.
Holy shit Bloodline is good. Ben Mendelsohn is fantastic.
Couldn't agree more. stu00a And Silvio have been great to deal with.
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