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Nicely done! A few years ago, I ended up with the color 8 LWB and chukka from JCrew during one of those sales. It happened about six months apart.
 I have the SS17 catalog if you want it. PM your email.
  Great idea. I know many of us have collected the pdf version of FW/SS collections over the years. Someone could make these available via google docs or something similar and allow access to the pdf's by the sf community.
Classic 1339's.        
   Here's the comment. I was asking about the Galway on 82 last. "The 82 is a narrow last so many people with wider feet size up 1/2 size so it fits more like an E width. We have both the 10.5/11 and 11/11.5 in stock.  " I'm a measured US 11D with a slightly high instep and slightly wide foot (though I've never needed a US E width). The EG 202 last fits great in a 10.5/11E (UK size). I tried the on Sid Mashburn's Dover on 606 in a UK 10.5/11 and it felt snug all over. I'm...
 That really is sharp. I've always admired the two tone makeups from afar but they are growing on me. Thank you sir for the additional pictures   .
  I always wondered why they stock a UK D (which is narrower than US D). I've corresponded with Axel's and they indicated: "The UK D is the Same as a US D.  The E with is roughly a 1/16th of an inch wider or the width of a thin dress sock. " They suggested I size up to get a proper fit in the 82 last. I decided to pass.
 That's a very nice combo. Can you share some additional images?
@Alden of Carmel AF53A battling the elements in Portland, ME today.  
Quick update on these AE Leeds in cappuccino shell from the good ole days of the Paul Grangaard MTO program. These have been in rotation since Oct 2013. I love the way the cappuccino ages.    
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