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 Snuff barrie on Crepe was a jcrew makeup.  Snuff...definitely I like them both but the tan on flexwelt get much less wear than the snuff. For me snuff is a 3.5 season color while tan is less versatile. My only gripe is that the crepe is so heavy compared to the unlined leydon version and don't pack as small. But that's more an issue for packing/traveling than wearing. I've picked up some Rancourt suede chukkas with a crepe-like sole and they were so much lighter than the...
That sounds like good news thanks guys.
I was checking out a Madison cashmere navy SC at $1098. Can I stack a 15% for signing up for a BB card onto the FF 25%?
 I'm with you. Crepe for trade show is a match made in heaven. I have a show Thurs - Sat next week in DC and am wearing my Barrie snuff suede chukkas. Pictured below next to the Leydon flex welt chukka in tan.  It also gives me a chance to drop by Alden DC while I'm there.
Brutus turns 4 this month. This was taken in April 2014, he's showing a bit of grey in his beard:       Nov 2011:       April 2011:     And just a pup, Nov 2010 at 9 weeks old:  
Thanks. Brutus is 4 y/o this month. 
I'm similarly sized as you and not surprisingly found the same thing. MOK's a bit slimmer so I'd guess it would work ok for him.
Looks great. You've got a great look in all your posts. Keep em coming!
Exactly. Me too.
That would be great. The Boston store is quite nice. Would love to see an RRL selection.
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