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I will also ditch the black shirt purple tie. If you want to wear a tie, I would go with a white shirt, purple tie and slim cardigan depending on how formal is your diner. If you want to wear the black shirt I would go without a tie.     
There's a difference between outsourcing your production and buying for a company to relabel it. It should be in your contract anyways that if you order 1000 items with the intention to label it to your own company. It will be time consuming anyways if you buy 1000 polos for example to remove old label and sewn yours. It will be better to find a company that do massproduction of unlabel polo. This is if you want to do something legit. If you want to counterfeit, it is...
I've been to mayeu tailleur yesterday and the service was mediocre !   I was passing by and want to look at what they had to offer, the lady told me first hand that it was all custom work and I couldn't see what they have to offer unless I ordered something because once again, here it's custom work. I let it go,I asked about how they were working, prices, fabrics. once again she told me that I couldn't look because it's was all custom. I was getting pretty annoyed...
I didn't know my thread will start a debate   I'm just looking for fun watches to wear which I think parnis is exactly what I'm looking for. Are they that cheap ? I don't expect them to last 10 years. From what I read they are decent enough for 100$ and should last around 2-3 years ?   What are your experience with parnis ?
Thx   Those site actually have better price than the one I was planning to use :)    
Hi,   I been looking at Parnis Watches, and was interested to order 1-2 watches. I've look at a couple of online store but would like to have some feedback from Parnis owners. From where did you order from ? I know they are not the greatest quality but in term of aesthetics and for the price, It can be fun to wear.   Thanks  
Hi,   I'll be going to des moines IOWA next week and will be staying at the downtown Marriot. Is there some store that you would recommend ? I won't have a lot of time on my hand and probably won't have time to drive so if there is some nice store in walking distance from my hotel, it will be great! What are your reccommandation ?   Thanks
I've went shopping today,   Found this pair of booth that I like, comfortable and in my price range 200$.   But I don't know a lot about Ted Baker, the saleman told me they were stich instead of fuse but did seems to know a lot more than that ... What do you think about Ted Baker quality ? Is it worth it ?     Thanks
Hi,   I'm new to this forum, it's actually my first post here. I live in montreal, but have not been shopping for a long time, should I say wasn't looking for the same. I'm looking for boots, but don't really know where to look for quality boots. I really like the idea of investing in some good boots that will last me for a long time rather than investing a little each 6 months. I don't have a massive budget and I'm new to this so I don't wanna make an expensive...
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