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 I was told this by the sales associate at Alden SF last week.
For those who have picked up the Ravello chukkas from Alden SF - can you post some pictures?
Just placed an order over the phone...my wife is going to kill me. Thanks for the heads up on these!
Jumping on the bandwagon  - if you're a 7.5 or 8 and looking to unload I'm here for you.
I actually picked up the same pair just this week. I've never been one to like suede but these boots changed my mind.
Thanks guys!
Can someone tell me the number to Alden DC or provide me with Kathy's email address? I tried calling the only number I could find for Alden DC and it looks like the number is no longer in service. Thanks!
Looking for this jacket in a Medium or Large...any help would be great.
  I actually have the pea coat with the grey elbow patches - fell in love with it when I saw it. I wouldnt say that it is much shorter than the average pea coat. If you look on the unionmade website it gives the measurements of the jacket.
Probably a dumb question - are these available online and for how much?  
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