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Interesting the consensus here is that the shirt chest should be 3-4 inches more than your actual chest size.    Turnbull and Asser says 6-8 inches. I quote "We recommend 6” to 8” (15.2cm to 20.3cm) over a customer’s chest measurement to allow for freedom of movement."   http://store.turnbullandasser.co.uk/Sizing_information/
I just ordered a Charles Tyrwhitt in 14.5, Tailored Fit. Let's see how it compares to the Zara slim fit.   An interesting tidbit - I'm pretty damn skinny, and I once ordered a Calvin Klein Collection slim fit in size 37, and it was too tight around the stomach and waist. I'm not sure how that could fit anyone.  
  Hm. Look at 14.5 for both.   CT chest is 40.2 and waist is 37.4. BB chest is 39.5 and waist is 37.   Oddly enough, things change at neck size 15 (and after I think) -   CT chest is 41.3, waist is 38.6 BB chest is 41.5, waist is 39.
  It gave me the 10% off, but not the free shipping. What gives? Is it US only free shipping?
Bump.    Still no conclusive answer? Going by the size charts BB seems slimmer but anecdotal evidence seems to suggest otherwise. Does anyone have a shirt in the same size from each brand that they can measure?
   Let me know if they shrink a bit ... I may pick some up then as well. Did you get the Non-Iron or the regular ones? I imagine the non-iron ones will be less comfortable ...
  The BB Extra Slim Fit 14.5 will definitely be looser than a H&M Small. I have a 34" chest and when I tried the BB Extra Slim fit it was an okay not great fit. H&M fits better for me. 
I like this JV jacket on Yoox but have heard conflicting things on his sizing. I pretty skinny ... 34 inch chest. Anyone have ideas on whether a S will fit? Also is it safe to assume thats its JV Collection and not JV Star USA? Yoox seems to have a quite a bit of JV priced very reasonably.   http://www.yoox.com/item.asp/tskay/451A93B0/cod10/41279527RP
  You're right about that ... but then again ... the label only says "Made in Italy", and not "Made in Italy by natural born Italian citizens of Italian ancestry" :p    Seriously though ... I read the NYT article ... but I don't think it's a big issue in terms of scale ... The article only talks of 1 city and I think most reputable brands would be wary of peddling the produce of illegally exploited labour. 
  This is no longer true. The Italian parliament passed the Reguzzoni-Versace Law in 2010, which states that all item carrying the "made in italy' label must have met stringent conditions. Just doing the finishing in Italy is not enough.    http://www.italymag.co.uk/italy/business/made-italy-law-tightened
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