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Margiela is still more of an insider brand so its a weird collaboration from H&M's point of view ... they normally go for more popular names and and then come out with over the top collections.    For Margiela ... it may be a way of introducing the brand to a wider audience. 
I know someone asked this a few pages back but i don't think there was an answer. Does the black belt work in formal situations? Can't quite make out from the picture. 
15% of the Retail Price means 15% * 185 = $27.75 per cufflink. Retail price is way more transparent than profit ... you know exactly how much going to charity. Profit is an accounting term ... if they were to say 50% of profits go to charity then you would want to know how much he profit per cufflink is. And that's probably not something Pink is going to want to share!  (Assuming they even know how much the profits per cufflink are .... since its extremely hard to...
Uniqlo quality better than Zara?    That would be interesting, since Zara is 2x the price (at least here in Singapore). 
Is the J+ quality significantly better for everything than the regular stuff? I'm quite interested to see who their next designer collaboration is with.    Strangely enough, some people mentioned earlier in the thread that the sleeves run long. I've bought 2 shirts (1 J+, and 1 main line, both S), and the sleeves were a bit short in both cases ...  
Whaat? Noone here likes sneakers with no laces?!
Did a quick search but came up short on sneakers with no laces. Call me lazy, but I just hate tying laces. What are the coolest lace-less sneakers around? The last one I really liked were the Puma Starcks. But that was ages ago.   
Gap seems to have some super lightweight jeans these days. User reviews on the product page say they feel like pajamas tho :(
I'm surprised there aren't more recommendations and people asking about lightweight jeans here ... heavy jeans are pretty uncomfy in the summer.
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