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Definitely flat front.   But maybe its an age thing. I'm 25. 
Maybe the APC 'lightweight jeans'?
I think Vans would be a better option for this kind of look.    If not Vans, then as Arethusa said go with a bright colour ... maybe even a royal blue like in your first link. 
The number of new people commenting on this thread as their first post is rather strange. 
  This is probably the ugliest t-shirt i have ever seen! 
I'm thinking of getting the "lightweight jeans". I'm usually a 30. but Barneys only has 28. I assume these aren't raw denim ... so am i still suppose to size down?   This may have been asked before but this thread is now 695 pages long!    http://www.barneys.com/A.P.C.-Lightweight-Jean/501714949,default,pd.html?cgid=MENS05&index=5
Is there a significant different in construction/workmanship between the shirts made in the USA, and the ones made in Malaysia or China?
Good topic. I have similar issues.   If I am not mistaken, Gilt had free international shipping at some point. Might have been a one off though. 
Wearing contrast collars AT ALL? Always reminds me of the lovely gents from Boston Legal. 
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