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I think Vans would be a better option for this kind of look.    If not Vans, then as Arethusa said go with a bright colour ... maybe even a royal blue like in your first link. 
The number of new people commenting on this thread as their first post is rather strange. 
  This is probably the ugliest t-shirt i have ever seen! 
I'm thinking of getting the "lightweight jeans". I'm usually a 30. but Barneys only has 28. I assume these aren't raw denim ... so am i still suppose to size down?   This may have been asked before but this thread is now 695 pages long!    http://www.barneys.com/A.P.C.-Lightweight-Jean/501714949,default,pd.html?cgid=MENS05&index=5
Is there a significant different in construction/workmanship between the shirts made in the USA, and the ones made in Malaysia or China?
Good topic. I have similar issues.   If I am not mistaken, Gilt had free international shipping at some point. Might have been a one off though. 
Wearing contrast collars AT ALL? Always reminds me of the lovely gents from Boston Legal. 
I'm interested to know if the Studio line still exists too. I was in a Ferragamo outlet in Switzerland, and there didn't seem to be anything there that said Studio on it. 
The famous Margiela AIDS tee ... but with (what looks like) Metallic letters inscribed on.   $349 from $765 at Barney's.     http://s7d9.scene7.com/is/image/Barneys/501670271_model_1?$hero$
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