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  Can't make out if you are skinny, but f you are then then a deep v neck is unflattering. The watch will obviously only work for a casual look, u may wanna get something more versatile.
  Yes, go to the manufacturer's website directly and check there. 
  I was scratching my head too about that ...
I dont think I saw a mention for Lacoste Slim Fit on this thread. They're actually not too bad at all. 
Wow talk about a rant.    Just to be clear - I empathize. In fact, the same thing happened to me at Gilt. I purchased a Calvin Klein Collection 'Marianna' shirt that was stated to be 'Made in Italy'. When I received it, it said 'Made in Tunisia'. Obviously, I was less than pleased (that is an understatement). I emailed Gilt, and within 15 mins got a reply asking for a picture of the label, which I promptly sent. In less than 1 hour, I got an email stating that they...
Interesting the consensus here is that the shirt chest should be 3-4 inches more than your actual chest size.    Turnbull and Asser says 6-8 inches. I quote "We recommend 6” to 8” (15.2cm to 20.3cm) over a customer’s chest measurement to allow for freedom of movement."   http://store.turnbullandasser.co.uk/Sizing_information/
I just ordered a Charles Tyrwhitt in 14.5, Tailored Fit. Let's see how it compares to the Zara slim fit.   An interesting tidbit - I'm pretty damn skinny, and I once ordered a Calvin Klein Collection slim fit in size 37, and it was too tight around the stomach and waist. I'm not sure how that could fit anyone.  
  Hm. Look at 14.5 for both.   CT chest is 40.2 and waist is 37.4. BB chest is 39.5 and waist is 37.   Oddly enough, things change at neck size 15 (and after I think) -   CT chest is 41.3, waist is 38.6 BB chest is 41.5, waist is 39.
  It gave me the 10% off, but not the free shipping. What gives? Is it US only free shipping?
Bump.    Still no conclusive answer? Going by the size charts BB seems slimmer but anecdotal evidence seems to suggest otherwise. Does anyone have a shirt in the same size from each brand that they can measure?
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