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Those are 2 different blue shirts!    Edit: Sorry double post - see next post. 
Are you going to start these threads for every designer?! Trying to get some hits for the blog are we :p ?
  Price point aside I think they have a cool futuristic look. Would I wear them? No probably not, I don't think I could carry them off. But i like them. 
Are Tom Ford suits made by Zegna?
Edgy but very wearable - Looks pretty cool. But since Pilati is out it will be interesting to see what Hedi Slimane comes up with. 
From the description: -    The team of expert technicians and scientist at Diesel's secret laboratory have developed a radical, new and highly experimental prototype denim crossbreed between sweatpants and classic Diesel jeans. A unique fusion of design, and a revolutionary NEW fabric that combines the iconic style and durability of denim, with the relaxed attitude and comfort of sweatpants     I cant figure out if this is the typical Diesel tongue in cheek...
I'm sure these will get a lot of abuse here! 
Maybe its the picture ... but they have a Pajama like look. Interested to see how it looks and feels in real life. 
  Holes again! I can't figure it if this is a genuine widespread issue or random one offs.   Perhaps Nan can tell us if he is seeing a lot of returns from the general public on account of holes?
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