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I'm sure these will get a lot of abuse here! 
Maybe its the picture ... but they have a Pajama like look. Interested to see how it looks and feels in real life. 
  Holes again! I can't figure it if this is a genuine widespread issue or random one offs.   Perhaps Nan can tell us if he is seeing a lot of returns from the general public on account of holes?
A lot of the coupons mentioned here seem to be US specific. Would definitely appreciate coupons that also work in Asia. 
  I dont think I've seen a lot of people hate on Hermes. Ferragamo gets some hate for their "Studio" line, but love for almost everything else (shoes/bags/leather etc that is, not talking about clothing).    Gucci and Burberry - I dont think theres a broad consensus. Lack of quality for the price is a common complaint I think. 
  You have good taste in suits and bars :)
Might be a bit of a dumb question .... anyone who has a Dior Homme belt ... any idea what waist size (not pant size) a size 85 belt fits? Do they count the length of the buckle as well in the size? 
Nothing "retarded" about wanting to wear Everlane tees to the gym. You want something comfy and decent looking for the gym IMO.
Charles Tyrwhitt
  Are you for real? Can't find what?   This is The Foo aka Mafoofan 
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