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  CK Collection is generally good stuff. Was the suit listed as "Made in Italy" or "imported"?   You may have to get the fit perfected at a tailor.
  Really? This is a Yoox trick or a general Gmail thing that it removes "."s from email addresses? Interesting anyhow. 
  IMHO, yes.    CT quality is generally considered to be similar to TM Lewin, Brooks Brothers etc. TM Lewin is about 80 - 100+ a shirt I think in Singapore and for some absolutely ridiculous reason have BLOCKED their website for Singapore. Brooks starts somewhere near 180 and goes up and up.     CYC sometimes has promotions in which they tailor shirts for around 110+ so maybe you could check that out. 
Could you not get a smaller picture?
  Buy Charles Tyrwhitt and then go to Alter Pro for an improved fit. 
  Is this a US only code? I didn't work for me. I'm in Singapore.
Hahah. Dude ... have u seen the 120+ page long EVERLANE thread?
What was their final reply by the way on the repair - u mentioned you got a reply finally right ...
Brilliant thread.    Is it normal to have to ask the Bond Street London store to repair a wallet bought in HK? Or am I reading it wrong. 
  Those are 2 different shirts!
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