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Could you not get a smaller picture?
  Buy Charles Tyrwhitt and then go to Alter Pro for an improved fit. 
  Is this a US only code? I didn't work for me. I'm in Singapore.
Hahah. Dude ... have u seen the 120+ page long EVERLANE thread?   http://www.styleforum.net/t/285166/everlane-t-shirts/1845
What was their final reply by the way on the repair - u mentioned you got a reply finally right ...
Brilliant thread.    Is it normal to have to ask the Bond Street London store to repair a wallet bought in HK? Or am I reading it wrong. 
  Those are 2 different shirts!
Those are 2 different blue shirts!    Edit: Sorry double post - see next post. 
Are you going to start these threads for every designer?! Trying to get some hits for the blog are we :p ?
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