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no new coupons?
And what does such a beautiful object cost?
Any opinions on their pants? Fit ... material ..?
Nudie (says general consensus, not I ... I don't really wear jeans).
A $200 suit online? What exactly were you thinking? 
  So if we can get back on topic ... how did the conversation go?
Its british and quite popular, especially after David Beckham was photographed in one of their "Osaka" tees. Or something.  No idea about quality. 
The fit guide is gone?!
Just made my first order too ... sage and dusk :)   Waiting for a belt wider than 1". 
  48 IT is 32, but for Incotex, definitely go with 50. Many brands vanity size, but Incotex generally does not. So measure your waist, and buy that size.
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