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 I don't mind the raw leather in the interior look, but of course that depends on what the other options are. I do however see the attraction of a more 'finished' look.
In my experience -    Ferragamo loafers - very comfy out of the box, but not best suited to suits. Pardon the pun.   Loading Derbys - very UNcomfy out of the box - need to be broken in. Was fine after about a month. Works with a suit.   Bruno Magi Derbys - very comfy out of the box and work with suits. People here go back and forth on their longevity but almost everyone agrees that Bruno Magli has one of the softest leathers around. 
 Value and buckle are the biggest pain points ... I don't think there are too many options for formal or semi formal belts, which feature high quality leather, contemporary angular silver coloured buckles, and a decent assortment of colours. USD 75 - USD 100 is a fair price IMO.  On a side note, I really like the ability to customise the belt size, number of holes, and spacing between the holes. Belts which are too long look sloppy.
 The top of the line raised and lined belt seems to be priced at GBP 270 ... which I personally feel is too much for a belt.
 1) 1.25 inches2) Modern and simple square / rectangular buckles3) Silver4) Black, navy, racing green. Maybe Oxblood.  Equus makes nice belts but I wish they had more modern looking buckles in silver. Also I'm on the fence on how suited bridle leather is for formal work-wear.
Placed an order for the black soft briefcase but as others have said really hoping for the navy!   Good luck ... you've hit 21K in 1 day! 
Nice stuff. No clue why navy is the least popular but I'm happy because it was my first choice and the only one still left along with black.   To change the size I suppose we just email the generic Epaulet email id?
 Mmmm ... it looks a bit golden to me. It's not my screen is it?
I know you've said that it's difficult before, but something like this in a silver colour would be great. 
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