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 1) 1.25 inches2) Modern and simple square / rectangular buckles3) Silver4) Black, navy, racing green. Maybe Oxblood.  Equus makes nice belts but I wish they had more modern looking buckles in silver. Also I'm on the fence on how suited bridle leather is for formal work-wear.
Placed an order for the black soft briefcase but as others have said really hoping for the navy!   Good luck ... you've hit 21K in 1 day! 
Nice stuff. No clue why navy is the least popular but I'm happy because it was my first choice and the only one still left along with black.   To change the size I suppose we just email the generic Epaulet email id?
 Mmmm ... it looks a bit golden to me. It's not my screen is it?
I know you've said that it's difficult before, but something like this in a silver colour would be great. 
 Please make this in silver!
 Great, I expect to make my first order soon and I'm in the "far east" :). How long is the discount code valid for?
Ugh. Just ugh.
Neal (the protagonist) looks pretty cool. A lot of CK Collection and Thomas Pink I believe. Not too sure about the "fashion" vs classical suiting argument. 
  Um ... I think EVERY retailer asks the buyer to send a photo if there is something wrong with the order. How else is your complaint even vaguely verifiable?! Gilt asked the same of me when I bought a CK Collection shirt advertised as "Made in Italy", which turned out to be "Made in Tunisia" or something.
New Posts  All Forums: