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I agree with everyone on the navy with silver hardware. Weekender mockup looks good.   Jenn and Roman - Do you also have a leather rucksack / backpack in your sights? Brands like Troubadour have really great looking designs ... but USD 1800 is too rich. 
Pretty bad quality. I would be surprised if Zara shoes lasted upto 1 year. I would expect 6 - 10 months ... assuming u are wearing regularly or semi-regularly.
 Agree with this. I was where you currently are 5 years ago. I would suggest Charles Tyrwhitt for dress shirts. Kent Wang for starter essential ties (grenadine and pin dot). 
On the Vertical wallet - I see you changed the description from "not optimized" to "not ideal".   That's probably a good call from a marketing perspective ... the phrase "not optimized" just stuck in my head as a negative. "Not ideal" conveys the same message but is gentler :p.   Anyhow - for your consideration -    1) Vertical wallet - make it 6 slots instead of 4, and add more currency idealness :) 2) Cardholder wallet - 6 slots instead of 4 would be great.   I...
Vertical wallet not optimized for SGD ... why!
Would be good if someone can list down some of the online stockists. I have a hard time finding much of their stuff online ... I was at East Dane the other day and they barely had 2 or 3 items ... 
 I don't mind the raw leather in the interior look, but of course that depends on what the other options are. I do however see the attraction of a more 'finished' look.
In my experience -    Ferragamo loafers - very comfy out of the box, but not best suited to suits. Pardon the pun.   Loading Derbys - very UNcomfy out of the box - need to be broken in. Was fine after about a month. Works with a suit.   Bruno Magi Derbys - very comfy out of the box and work with suits. People here go back and forth on their longevity but almost everyone agrees that Bruno Magli has one of the softest leathers around. 
 Value and buckle are the biggest pain points ... I don't think there are too many options for formal or semi formal belts, which feature high quality leather, contemporary angular silver coloured buckles, and a decent assortment of colours. USD 75 - USD 100 is a fair price IMO.  On a side note, I really like the ability to customise the belt size, number of holes, and spacing between the holes. Belts which are too long look sloppy.
New Posts  All Forums: