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 second that
I bought a pair from Nordstrom Rack for $200. Very soft leather and comfortable. 
 Thank you, that was very informative. I was looking at some of the M by MJ bags on Mr. Porter and they said things like "full grain leather" which seemed impressive for a USD400 backpack. I guess though there are other aspects as well which are important for overall leather quality. I have actually ordered a Linjer soft briefcase in navy (after reading your review) and am definitely looking forward to receiving that.
 Marc by Marc Jacobs leather bags are priced a fair bit lower than many of the other brands. How do they do it? Are they just lower quality?
I agree with everyone on the navy with silver hardware. Weekender mockup looks good.   Jenn and Roman - Do you also have a leather rucksack / backpack in your sights? Brands like Troubadour have really great looking designs ... but USD 1800 is too rich. 
Pretty bad quality. I would be surprised if Zara shoes lasted upto 1 year. I would expect 6 - 10 months ... assuming u are wearing regularly or semi-regularly.
 Agree with this. I was where you currently are 5 years ago. I would suggest Charles Tyrwhitt for dress shirts. Kent Wang for starter essential ties (grenadine and pin dot). 
On the Vertical wallet - I see you changed the description from "not optimized" to "not ideal".   That's probably a good call from a marketing perspective ... the phrase "not optimized" just stuck in my head as a negative. "Not ideal" conveys the same message but is gentler :p.   Anyhow - for your consideration -    1) Vertical wallet - make it 6 slots instead of 4, and add more currency idealness :) 2) Cardholder wallet - 6 slots instead of 4 would be great.   I...
Vertical wallet not optimized for SGD ... why!
Would be good if someone can list down some of the online stockists. I have a hard time finding much of their stuff online ... I was at East Dane the other day and they barely had 2 or 3 items ... 
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