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 My 2 cents - please make it all leather! I'm looking to get one and the only decent option I see is Epaulet.  
 Thanks for response. I placed the order using another payment method. Look forward to receiving it.
Hi Zenmarket,    I am happy to find a company that provides a proxy delivery service from Japan. I am trying to make my first order using ZenMarket, and I have a question / comment -      1) For first time users, is it true that funds cannot be deposited using credit cards? Does that mean that I can only use Paypal or Alipay?  I was trying to deposit funds using my credit card and I got an error message that said that credit cards can only be used after 2...
Filling Pieces   Not cheap but still cheaper than CP.   ETQ Amsterdam
  How much is the Mismo Morris in grey leather? Check out Linjer if you have not already. 
 These shoes are best not worn. 
Is Costume Nemutso a new diffusion line or the same as C'N'C?    Can barely get any hits on google.
 Total newb question here ... but do I need all 3? Anyone knows if this is available locally in SG? I recently received delivery of my navy soft briefcase :) It's a bit bigger in real life than I thought it would be but looks and feels great. It had slight handle marks but they seem to have almost gone after applying some saphir renov.  Hey Jenn and Roman - - is the collab with Collonil working out?- Will there be a re-stock of the navy portfolio?
 Is it me or does it have a worn out look?
 The slimy green colour? The stiff saffiano? It's listed as grey but I'm not so sure. Tell us Rach - I'm curious to know what you hate about it.
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