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Filling Pieces    https://www.fillingpieces.com/all-models   https://www.eastdane.com/brands-filling-pieces/br/v=1/31924.htm?all   Not cheap but still cheaper than CP.   ETQ Amsterdam   http://www.etq-amsterdam.com/collection   https://www.eastdane.com/brands-etq/br/v=1/35792.htm
  How much is the Mismo Morris in grey leather? Check out Linjer if you have not already. 
 These shoes are best not worn. 
Is Costume Nemutso a new diffusion line or the same as C'N'C?    Can barely get any hits on google.
 Total newb question here ... but do I need all 3? Anyone knows if this is available locally in SG? I recently received delivery of my navy soft briefcase :) It's a bit bigger in real life than I thought it would be but looks and feels great. It had slight handle marks but they seem to have almost gone after applying some saphir renov.  Hey Jenn and Roman - - is the collab with Collonil working out?- Will there be a re-stock of the navy portfolio?
 Is it me or does it have a worn out look?
 The slimy green colour? The stiff saffiano? It's listed as grey but I'm not so sure. Tell us Rach - I'm curious to know what you hate about it.
 second that
I bought a pair from Nordstrom Rack for $200. Very soft leather and comfortable. 
 Thank you, that was very informative. I was looking at some of the M by MJ bags on Mr. Porter and they said things like "full grain leather" which seemed impressive for a USD400 backpack. I guess though there are other aspects as well which are important for overall leather quality. I have actually ordered a Linjer soft briefcase in navy (after reading your review) and am definitely looking forward to receiving that.
New Posts  All Forums: