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 When is the sale on till? I'm looking at finally trying a pair of Loake 1880. I wish Carmina was on sale I missed the earlier Black Friday one ... there probably is an email list I should have subscribed to!
   I don't think Yoox customer service is this good everywhere - special treatment for the US I believe. In Asia, their customer service is pretty average. 
 Those companies sell watches that begin at 5K - 10K. Limited editions start at much more. This is $150.  Not a great move from Linjer but let's keep some perspective here. 
Nice designs. I prefer the classic - it seems to look more minimalist than the minimalist. The minute markers for example ...
Charles Tyrwhitt amended their sizing sometime last year - their extra slim fit is now even slimmer. I have both Kamakura and CT, and CT is definitely slimmer. 
 Thanks for the response Mike. I was just asking out of curiosity since I had not seen those model names elsewhere and was not sure what the difference was between those and the regular Carmina models. I am actually looking at oxfords, and the ones you carry would definitely work, as would the regular models ones on Carmina's site (e.g. Forest, Rain). Cheers
Hi Mike,   I noticed Pediwear has a few Carmina models that are especially made for Pediwear and are competitively priced. Any particular reason that you carry these models instead of the regular Carmina models? Is the quality the same as the regular Carmina range?   Thanks.   Akshat
I would not recommend wearing that.   Go with a maroon grenadine or maroon / green pin dot. Check out Kent Wang. The idea is to get something sharp but muted. Not something that is too bright or draws attention.    Also - black is more formal than brown. So if the job requires formal attire, go with back belt and black oxfords.
 Shipping was really quick - less than a week from order being placed to receiving the package. Great job, keep it up guys. 
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