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 Mmmm ... it looks a bit golden to me. It's not my screen is it?
I know you've said that it's difficult before, but something like this in a silver colour would be great. 
 Please make this in silver!
 Great, I expect to make my first order soon and I'm in the "far east" :). How long is the discount code valid for?
Ugh. Just ugh.
Neal (the protagonist) looks pretty cool. A lot of CK Collection and Thomas Pink I believe. Not too sure about the "fashion" vs classical suiting argument. 
  Um ... I think EVERY retailer asks the buyer to send a photo if there is something wrong with the order. How else is your complaint even vaguely verifiable?! Gilt asked the same of me when I bought a CK Collection shirt advertised as "Made in Italy", which turned out to be "Made in Tunisia" or something.
Just wore my Everlane t-shirts for the first time. Fit was perfect, material was great, and tagless is a definite plus.   FYI I ordered an XS. I'm 5 '8, around 130 lbs, chest is 35ish.   Please make more colours! A few more shades of blue/red/grey would be nice.
Almost everything seems to be sold out in Singapore. I want a tshirt or the belt, but no go . Apparently people from neighbouring countries bought suitcases of the stuff on launch day.
nice. Hope to see some Ss. 
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