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What would be a decent sub $100-ish pair of jeans with a classic fit (I guess, not to tight, not too loose) with, most importantly, a mid rise (I.e at the waist)? Oh and it must have a zip fly. I can't stand a button fly. 
  I'm probably the opposite of what you describe when it comes to dressing to improve social status. My main concern instead is how can I dress well (and most of all comfortably) without looking like I'm well off. But that's hard in a country where wearing a shirt makes people think you dressed up. Sorry, but T-shirts look like shit on me and I'm uncomfortable as hell.   But I agree with most of you post.
Does anyone know how high the rise (or measurement) is on Charles Tyrwhitt moleskin trousers? I have contacted them twice but have had no concrete answer yet.
  I'd rather see someone in a suit like Tibor's than the people in shoddy T-shirts (with belly hanging out) and sandals that I see every time I go to the shops to buy something. 
While I totally agree that he'll look foolish, where does the limit go for dressing for the occassion? I mean, nowadays some people even think that wearing a shirt that is tucked in is dressed up. Does that mean that one would have to go and get a trashy T-shirt and jeans that come with holes in them just to go to a party? 
How are the used "vintage" Barton shoes?    I need some dark brown shoes soon, and don't have a huge wad of cash to spend at the moment. $40 on etsy. 
Edit: Took it to the AE thread.
I'd say that the way one is brought in regards to food habits is the biggest influence for the future. More than genetics. Which is probably why we are seeing more people of larger size nowadays.   It might be so that the larger amount of exercise that people used to get, combined with the lack of shitty take aways and what not suppressed the genetic predisposition.     
I'd say that you should buy a suit that you can afford to wear. I.e you shouldn't not wear it fearing that it will be worn out, get dirty etc. There is no point in having a piece of clothing that you don't want to use because it's too expensive. No I'm not saying that one should redecorate the house in his finest suit.    Nice forum by the way. :)
  I'm maybe a bit late to the party but that jacket has my exact measurements. However, is there any room for letting out an inch or so on the length of the trousers just for being "safe"? If so and assuming that the suit is not yet sold I'm interested. :)    
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