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   Currently I am in love with suede.I think I should get the navy suede.....
Rocking with the choco suede tankers today  
Maiden voyage after adding the steel toe plate. Whisky PTB  
    Thank you all.When I first got into the Alden collection, I liked LWB more than PTB.However, after I acquired my first PTB, the ravello one, I found that the PTB suits my style more than the LWB.Now I feel LWB is a little bit too fancy and the unmistakable creases of shell cordovan shown on PTB is freaking AWESOME.
My little PTB family.I think I am content now. (probably not for long )  Color #8 unlined dover  [[SPOILER]]   Cigar (still waiting for maiden voyage)  [[SPOILER]]   Ravello  [[SPOILER]]   Whiskey (received not long ago and also waiting for maiden voyage)  [[SPOILER]]
Good color combo!
 Congratz Mike!Looks like you got a pair of good quality PTB.Hope my pair would be the same (finder cross).
PSA - Apparently Alden SF got a shipment of whiskey ptb. I am not sure if it is purely for the people who are on the waiting list or not. Good luck.
 Because the people work in ashland is basically work in horween as well.
 The last time I wore them was about 2 months ago and no rain on that day.I put them in the closet together with other shoes. Only this pair has mold on. (thank god....) This time I might just put them under sunlight for a few days and hope it could kill the mold......
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