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 They were in this state when I bought new. 
 I have 4 tote bags that are 3-4 years old and all leather on the handles are like yours.Is it a problem / defect? I always think it is normal and I am interested to see a smooth leather handle. 
 Awesome!That means I have to make a detour when I visit Seattle and Portland next time!
@sambam ,   Is the White's store in Spokane a full serviced store, with salesperson helping customers measure their feet? Thanks. 
 Unless wing-tip is a must, the standard suede chukka is one of the best suede make up by alden.
 Personally I want to keep the rug look on them. I don't think I will use any cream on them, as least for a few years. The coffee chromepak is totally matte. No matter how hard you brush them, they won't shine at all.
 I simply don't care except brushing.
 If you could return the shoes, return them and get a pair of half size larger.
 Only use waterproof spray on rough out if you want to keep the appearance/texture.
 2. Some may think I am crazy, but I found that at the early stage of break-in, the thicker socks I wore, the more painful my feet were. It was because the heel drop was even more severe in thick socks. YMMV.
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