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Have you guys checked out Tassels instagram? https://instagram.com/p/6wbOD_ufxA/?taken-by=tasselshongkong It is my first time to see an Alden with kiltie.
Yes they are SD in C461 last. I ordered them on 7/12, and got them on 8/22, including the shipping time to HK.  I think thats quick, probably the low season of White's.    Still getting used to them. But I have a feeling that they will be the most comfortable boots in my wardrobe.  I am already thinking about a pair of bounty hunter.......
Just got my #8 CXL semi dress boots, they are my first White's. Some nicks here and there, I could live with them.            
 Do you mean the price of Coffee Chromepack?I guess the price would be $700 ish? BTW, I  don't know which one to kop, the coffee or the Hof remix? decision decision.....
I recently acquired a pair of Viberg Black CXL captoe boots. Definitely love them. They came with a pair of black waxed laces and black leather laces.  It there anyone know who sells the black waxed laces Viberg uses? The waxed lace's texture is smooth, soft and has a kind of greasy feeling, where the one from Alden is rough, hard and dry. 
 I have been looking for the natural CXL tanker boot for a long time.Sadly no retailer is selling this make up now.
 I do have 975 and tanker.Wingtip boot? Probably yes, but I pre-ordered the TO-TIE GUY snuff suede wingtip already. So maybe later.Maybe I should see the boot in person and try them on before making the decision....
I have been thinking to purchase a pair of #8 plain toe boot, but I got a pair of unlined #8 ptb already. Both of them are in barrie last. Do you guys think it is redundant ?
 May I ask where did you get the natty tanker?I have been searching for it for awhile and it seems no retailer carries them currently. BTW, I also bite the bullet and order the snuff WT boot from Epaulet, even never tried on the plaza last before.Good luck to me  
 O damn.....I've never thought a black indy could look that good.....
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