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    Finally got the kudu chukka. I didn't plan to get them, however when I saw the PSA about 40% off at O'Connell and there was a pair in my size, I pulled the trigger.   I think they are good casual/rainy days/beater shoes. Though there are some color difference and the usual creases on CXL, with the discount, I could live with them.   Now there is 20% discount at denimbar and the unlined CXL dover and all colors suede dover are in my size, tempting
 From the photo, I believe it is just a surface scratch, caused by the rubbing of the pinking and vamp leather.I think it is pretty normal.
 Most probably it means from The Shoe Mart.
 From my experience, shell would not stretch, at least not the same as calf.
 I just follow the on-bottle instruction.Spray on a cloth, wipe the shoes, let dry, buff.
Thanks.I got mine from Tassels (A HK retailer) in 2011. I was very lucky to get them. Thanks RTP. Thanks uncle. Thanks MrDV. Your posts always inspire me.
  Also wore my Ravello Hunting Boot today. Happy new year everyone.
 Sorry, what's the point then?
I wonder if there was someone got a pair of perfect color#8 shoes or boots, specifically the leather. If you got a perfect pair, congratz! All of my color#8 stuff look good when I bought them in store. But once I closely inspect them under direct sun light, all kinds of dye stain show up.   I am not defending Alden, Alden definitely did a bad job in QC and I believe they will continue to do it. If you can't accept the defects/flaws, you should return them right...
 Nearly all color8 shoes/boots have this kind of dye stain. And the stain should only be visible under certain lighting.Just wear them in good health.
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