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Good color combo!
 Congratz Mike!Looks like you got a pair of good quality PTB.Hope my pair would be the same (finder cross).
PSA - Apparently Alden SF got a shipment of whiskey ptb. I am not sure if it is purely for the people who are on the waiting list or not. Good luck.
 Because the people work in ashland is basically work in horween as well.
 The last time I wore them was about 2 months ago and no rain on that day.I put them in the closet together with other shoes. Only this pair has mold on. (thank god....) This time I might just put them under sunlight for a few days and hope it could kill the mold......
The smear on the paper towel that I used to wipe the shoe was green. I don't think the shell bloom is green in color, right?
Does anyone has idea on killing the mold on the shoes? I found out my #8 LWB has mold (the second time.....) on the tip and the punch holes. I use shoe trees and I let the shoes air out a couple of days before putting them in the closet. The first time I found the mold, I wiped off the mold and brush the hell out, after several months, it comes again......
 As you have said it would bother you, just exchange another pair.Though I really doubt the next pair would be perfect......
 One of the offering 29373 use dark brown eclipse calf.Is there anyone know eclipse calf?
 Looking good as always!Welcome back Uncle!
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