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 Only use waterproof spray on rough out if you want to keep the appearance/texture.
 2. Some may think I am crazy, but I found that at the early stage of break-in, the thicker socks I wore, the more painful my feet were. It was because the heel drop was even more severe in thick socks. YMMV.
 I have a pair of semi-dress with c461 last (the class work boot last) and lowered curved heel and a pair of bounty hunter with curved heel at standard height. After wearing them for several months, I found that the lowered heel on the c461 last is not very comfortable.As the arch ease system on c461 is minimal to none, I feel my heel sunk down too much.I think I will raise the heel to standard height when resole. If I were you, I would not lower the heel of c461.  On the...
 Unless you really need the lugs on the sole, you could consider the vibram 700. BTW, to me, block heels on White's just don't look right. 
Haven't worn them in a long time. Alden Ravello Shell Cordovan Hunting Boots.    
New year, New boots.  
Late Christmas Present - Colour 8 Tanker from AoM       Some changes were noted at the packaging. First the golden balls on the dust bags were gone, which is a big plus. Second a second larger cardboard was used to further separate the boots inside the box. Despite all these efforts, the inner shaft of one boot still got the crease and imprint of eyelets...... Some people may return them, but I won't (after having so many pairs of Alden and all those crappy QC...
 You can't go wrong with colour 8 Indy for casual wear.Colour 8 Tanker boot is another great option. 
 The holes are left from the construction process.Sometimes the back piece could cover/hide the hole, sometimes could not.
 Hot damn.....you have just answered my question...... BTW, thank you for everyone's input. 
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