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Price Drop $200shipped anywhere in the United States.
Anyone still waiting for there t-shirts they ordered last month? I placed my order on 6/23/12 and I still haven't gotten any of my t-shirts.
Now I'm wondering if mine will be long enough. I'm 5'11 155ish and my MDR is going to be 22.5 and 24.5 in the back.   Full measurements      shoulders 17.4" chest (pit-to-pit) 20.3" midsection 18.1" waist 18.6" body length, front 22.5" body length, back 24.5" sleeve length, from shoulder 24.5" sleeve width @ pit 7.0" sleeve width @ elbow 6.1" sleeve width @ cuff 5.5"
Thanks Ar_Six that makes me feel a lot better. Now I just need to double check the sleeves, and this will be my second TOJ piece.
Since everyone is talking about length of jackets. I'm still unsure if mine will be long enough. I'm 5'11 and white and Charly put my MDR at 22.5 front length, and 24.5 in the back? I'm afraid of jacket being too short. I wear size small shirts in almost everything. 
I'm having the hardest time deciding between a MDR in Black Lamb with gunmetal hardware, or a MDR in FQHH with silver hardware or gunmetal. I already own a black TOJ Peacoat so I know how soft the lamb feels. Any opinions?
Price Drop: Now $220shipped
Do it!!
Up for sale is a pair of Flat Head SE05BSP jeans. I purchased and wore them on and off for about month, and they since have been sitting on the self in my room since there just too big for my liking. They we're given an initial boiling/hot soak when I purchased them. Overall the there some a bit of blue peeking out on the jeans, but there is years of life left in them. Also the camera makes the blue look more seen. The last photo shows a better idea of the actual...
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