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Bump 190shipped anywhere in the US.
Hey Nan,   When will the grey snap backpack be restocked this month?
Just got tracking for my A2
Same here 8 weeks has turned into 16 weeks and it's getting cold. 
Problem already solved.
Yeah I though so I still want it in black lamb. I guess all just sell the MDR when it gets here and order a bomber.
Really wish I ordered a CM or Bomber now. I order an MDR around the cut off so I think its too late to change jackets now?
Price Drop $200shipped anywhere in the United States.
Anyone still waiting for there t-shirts they ordered last month? I placed my order on 6/23/12 and I still haven't gotten any of my t-shirts.
Now I'm wondering if mine will be long enough. I'm 5'11 155ish and my MDR is going to be 22.5 and 24.5 in the back.   Full measurements      shoulders 17.4" chest (pit-to-pit) 20.3" midsection 18.1" waist 18.6" body length, front 22.5" body length, back 24.5" sleeve length, from shoulder 24.5" sleeve width @ pit 7.0" sleeve width @ elbow 6.1" sleeve width @ cuff 5.5"
New Posts  All Forums: