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bump still have them
I just got my smoke and blue everlane oxfords, and I'm disappointed with the sizing. I wear a size small in Everlane t-shirts and wear a size XS to small in button downs depending on the brand. I choose to order a size small in the oxford based on Nan saying they're aggressive slim. The oxford was too big on me and too long to be worn untucked. I'm disappointed because I was really excited about Everlane's oxfords, but based on the sizing I'm not sure if even a XS...
I ordered the smoke and blue OCBD in a size small. I just went with my t-shirt sizing hoping they'll fit good.    Nan any idea when the merlot terry will be in stock again? and whats up with the weekender 2's?
I miss the free shipping over $50. I have a backpack in my cart, but I need another item for free shipping. A lot of the v-necks are sold out in size small.
Bump 190shipped anywhere in the US.
Hey Nan,   When will the grey snap backpack be restocked this month?
Just got tracking for my A2
Same here 8 weeks has turned into 16 weeks and it's getting cold. 
Problem already solved.
Yeah I though so I still want it in black lamb. I guess all just sell the MDR when it gets here and order a bomber.
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