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nice plants on the back :P    
Mint Checked pattern pockets still blasted recent Hickey freeman SC 44 XLG
Checked on barney's NY, didn't know that wool Incotex cost so much retail... lol
you'll probably get more of a customer base for that on AAAC trad exchange.
nice Mainy, how many stores was that lol.  
Great to find shoes that fits.  I always have problems finding shoes b/c the GWs near me only have new shoes when they have one of those big sales because they are too lazy to load them onto the racks.  And when they have one of those sales all the flippers will come out and load up carts of mens womens childrens and even babies shoes :(
16.5 exactly.  the tag on inside says 33. 
i seldom look through the racks for navy pants but I did today just out of whim.  Found a pair of Mint 33" waist  29" inseam incotex flat front wool trousers.  Will trade for similar trousers in 34-36" waist inseam 32+.
wow nice haul!  
seems like advertisements to me lol..3-4k RMB in china better bring a nice shoe.
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