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Hell, I got there 20mins early and there were already people inside shopping. I luckily found a few shirts that fit well though. I think they might have underestimated the demand here. The sale is suppose to go all weekend but it was mostly gone after the first hour.
  Yep.  Baker's does resoles.
Viberg Bobcat Harness Leather resole by Baker's with Dr. Sole Raw Cord soles. Ended up costing $120+ shipping                          
Bounter Hunter's from Bakers Lace Design: Plain Toe Edge: Black Toe Vamp Leather: Black Otter Counter Leather: Black Otter Upper (Shaft) Leather: Black Chrome Excel by Horween Pull Loops: Leather Pull Loops Sole: Vibram 430 Mini Vib Leather Liner: Cream Height: 7" Single Celastic Toe Last: Semi Dress (Bounty Hunter) Hardware: All Black Eyes Heel Base: 90 Degree Blocked off Heel (Traveler) Heel Lifts: Standard Top: Cut Top Midsole:...
    The 2030 last is one of the worst lasts I have ever tried on. I have no idea how it became so popular. You basically have to be an A or B width with super long thin toes to fit that last. I had the 4Horseman collab boots and, I'm not joking, they bruised both of my big toenails(TMI) during the first wear. And there is no way I can size up in that last because they would just be way too long in the toebox. 110 all day.
The crepe sole is a lot lighter than other options for sure. I got the laces from Timberland a few years ago but never used them, they were for one of the early Timberland Boot Co boots(used to be pretty nice boot line).   I wish White's sold black leather laces. Anyone know where to get some that are of equivalent quality to Whites/Viberg laces?
Northwest style Lace-To-Toe Farmer-Rancher 8" Black Roughout Black crepe sole w/ half slip Reinforced toe with double vamp Rolled top Unlined              
It stretches very easily, breaks down quickly, dries out quickly, and it's not as hard wearing as the more straight forward leathers. IMHO, it's great for the uppers on boots or for dress shoes. I've had two pairs of Alden Indys, two pairs of Whites, a Yuketen belt, and a Tanner Goods wallet in CXL. It's just not meant for hard use. If you have 30 pairs of shoes/boots, sure, get that leather, but if you plan on working in them at all they won;t last as long as the...
  If you want something tough and durable do not get CXL.
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