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My name is Josh, This forum was introduced to me by a friend of mine: Charles Alexander, tie specialist. I would like to use the style forum to share my vision of "stylish" and learn more about fashion thanks to other members!  
Anyone heard of Charles Alexander?
I've just posted a new thread on tailored suits to ask if anyone had heard of Louis Purple before. their shop is somewhere in Soho and products there look really nifty. The shop keeper there told me straight away that they were not making bespoke but Made-to-measure, which means that the fabric is cut according to your body type but you don't have to go thru a few fittings to get the final product. Alterations (which are obviously included in the price they offer) can...
Hey Guys,   I live in Noho and I came across a new shop called Louis Purple recently. I think it is on Mulberry or Lafayette Street & Houston. I talked to the shop keeper and they have apparently been around since April 2011. Their off-the-rack products look really good to me but I am more interested into tailored garments due to my built. (Size 48 for jackets, 33 for trousers...)   i am not a big fan of their website but their have a lot...
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