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wrong kind of jeans to cuff and wear with sockless loafers imo  
pants look awesome, I just bought one (for sizing purposes) and got $25 off, so hopefully they do fit better and are more durable than my banana republics. I like lighter fabric as I'm in Florida. Once sized, I will be looking at the yellow "jeans", which I can definitely rock in a swanky fashion on the south beach streets.
I'm about to buy these as well, anyone know of any better deals than the $350 they are priced at?   I second the notion that chinos, dark jeans, and certain brown and navy pants look good with these types of shoes.
actually, I think that whole white after labor day thing came from this   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkuwvG1ndbU&feature=player_detailpage#t=171s    
except for the last one, they all look like fall type of shirts. You live in CO, not sure how harsh the fall is but I def see them as wearable.
I use Tide products and any whites are washed in hot water with oxy clean.   darks are cold water and middle colors (yellows, tans, white stripes) are washed in warm water. pick the right amount of water for the load and also not as much deterggent for small/mid loads.   I always tumble dry, except sweaters or items proned to shrinking...I sometimes air dry jeans, but usually wool slacks (if i don't dry clean), polyester blends, and in general any slacks are air...
LOL, but it's hilarious.   I'm from an urban background, so I understand the style...we like everything big/baggy. I can tell where the elongated suit jackets, fat knot ties, matching pocket squares, and the "stacy adams" shoes will get you approval in some urban circles especially at church.   I can also appreciate a nice italian cut suit and where that fits into someones style. So, I understand why many on here are getting on this guy about how he wears his suits. Two...
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