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Just received a pair of 5th street boots in black   not only does the leather look dull the edgings/sole are brown.  Anyone seen black 5th street boots with brown edgings??
Question regarding the Rothsay - are they suitable for spring/summer weather?  Living in south florida and looking for some casual chukkas or light street boots.  I can't tell by the pictures if these are thick winter boots or not.   all help will be appreciated thanks!
Jackets look awesome, sometimes I hate I'm in sunny south Florida...     then I realize I'm in sunny south Florida :)
  Allen Edmonds chocolate Amoks Lorenzo Uomo Multi Stripe Pink socks  
  seems like the perfect time to pic drop the infamous AE Amoks :)  
    Yep, you pulled a few Romney's in there.   I would assume your AE's are merely your house shoes or your outside shoes when you must trek across your Castle's lawn with your hounds by your side.
Looks like my closet as well, tags out so I can what they are
I guess I'm the only person that still keeps Shoes in the Original Shoe boxes?
  maybe it's because I don't know any better, but I really like these shoes!  Amok in chocolate brown
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