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^^^ Sure am Stefan! ūüėä Rbhan: I'm also interested to hear how you experienced the heel fit, if they've done any changes to it. And yeah, the work is really impressive!
 It's at Ramaglianti 6. She has no website yet or anything, which is a shame.
 Really nice work! Like the sole logo.
 I haven't seen any of her works in real life, but yes, she trained under Mannina and left to open her own store in Florence a couple of years ago. I know she was really cheap back then, don't know if the prices has changed, and don't know how good she is, but from what I've seen she's very Italian (duh) in her style.
Cool, looks great!
^^^Nice Roger!
 Thank you!
 Cheers!  Thanks! Yeah the part in front of the big toes is probably the easiest to get right, where they were tight were for the pinky toes on the sides. In front of the big toes it's often said that you should, as mentioned, have about 2,5-3 cm in general for most types of lasts, if they aren't very round, then it can be less, or very pointy, then more, to generalise things. 
 Thanks. It's to get as much info as possible on things, and some can be easier by cutting them open, for example he noticed that he could shorten the insoles at the heels a bit since there's some extra space there.
Cross post from the bespoke thread: Last weekend I had my first fitting with G&G for my bespoke pair. Here's some pics from the fitting (on my blog is a full report with more pics both from the fitting and some from the making of the lasts and pattern, but kept it more condensed here). Daniel Wegan from G&G:   On the feet:    Daniel look, feel, listens to my remarks and mark with a pencil on things to change:    Cut them open to get a chance for some extra info:   On the...
New Posts  All Forums: