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Yes, just mentioned it as it was compared to Goodyear welted G&G Deco.
^^^ Superb, PCK! It's very impressive what you get for the price with Aurum. Regarding the waists, it's easier to make slim waists with Blake stitched soles. That said, those are very narrow even for blakes.
I see. Stupid narrow feeted world population then.
Oh, that Hove make-up sounds sweet! A shame it's in E. Is it these bloody narrow feeted American customers of yours that makes you choose E for almost all G&G models you stock?
I think the correct Vass terminology would be Italian Oxford with toe and heel cap without medallion. But if you can it's always best to send them a picture of the exact make up you want, this way you limit the chances for mistakes.
JezeC, if you email them please tell us which it is, curious.
I'd say 3636, or maybe P3.
Hehe yeah, good for the manufacturers that taste is personal I'd say it's fairly standard, nor high or low.
Personally I think it's a shame that they have the spacing between every other pair of eyelet on the wholecut, otherwise it looks really sweet.Actually Chay Cooper isn't working with the Wildsmith brand anymore. He was offered a good job at Crockett & Jones that he couldn't say no to, so he's working for them now. A shame for Wildsmith obviously, though James and Ian (the Cad & the Dandy folks who worked with Chay in the revival of the Wildsmith brand) will continue to...
Yes, apart from models and own lasts, Wildsmith don't use Bakers oak bark tanned soles but cheaper chestnut tanned ones (still good though) and the waist is less beveled than on AS (but still as narrow). When it comes to the quality of the upper leather it's hard for me to judge by just my single pair, but it seems to be more or less on pair with AS exclusive. AS Handgrade is in another league here, and the sole work on those is also more refined.
New Posts  All Forums: