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PCK1: Nice shoes! --- Was in Florence the previous week, and visited several bespoke shoemakers for blog articles. Here's some pics from one of them, Ugolini (he himself was in Japan for a trunk show, so talked to his employee Roberto Di Monte instead):        [[SPOILER]]   .
Thanks for the kind words everyone!
Made my annual walkthrough on my blog of my shoe collection as i looks at the moment, with lots of pics and info. Here are some of the pics from of it:              
 Ok thanks
 Yeah, but as I remembered it he had a workshop in Newcastle, at least a few years ago. Shoji and Yuriko Kawaguchi (of Marquess) apprenticed there. But might be mixing up all the Pauls in this business.
 Yeah might have been exaggerating, but with fee for last making it is up in that range or something isn't it? And Berluti always makes sure to be a step higher in price :)
 Aren't Paul still active in his Newcastle workshop?
 He is still "cheap" compared to his colleagues in Paris. I think John Lobb Paris and Berluti both starts around the €7500 mark or something like that these days.
Koji Endo Bottier / Gentile 79.
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