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Hehe. I think pics was also suppose to be upgraded on the new site. I don't think that anyone in their team is to familiar with social medias, nor have the time, to keep an Instagram or tumblr account active. They so have a Facebook page though.
Of course they are still hand welted. Vass is one of very few RTW/MTO-brands (most others are also in Hungary) that make shoes the same way as bespoke shoes are made, with "real" insoles where holdfast is carved out by hand, toe- and heel stiffeners in leather, and both welt and sole stitch made by hand. That's why they just stitch their Dainite-soles in the toe, they don't have a machine that can stitch all the way (the awls tip break easily doing it by hand on these...
Don't know if it's already been mentioned here, but unfortunately Vass plans for a new website, which was supposed to be launched already, has been canceled. The new site was supposed to, among other things, give a much better view of the different options available for MTO:s. Apparently the web company they worked with was really bad, and after struggling for a long time with them Vass finally decide to give up. They now have to find a new company and start from the...
 I only own the oxford Sloane, in which I wear UK10 in standard width. In EG I have UK10 F-width (wide) in almost all lasts. And just as Goodman, I'm very pleased with the shoes!
^^^ Gosh, I wish I had the guts to pull those of. Amazing.
As I've mentioned before, my test shoes didn't fit especially good at all, but after seeing pics of me wearing them he changed the lasts to an almost perfect fit for the final shoes.
There's one from above in the buyer's guide on my blog: http://www.shoegazing.se/2013/11/23/kopguide-riccardo-freccia-bestetti/
It's called hand welted.I think some misunderstanding made DWF:s attitude towards Goodyear welting got lost here...
Yeah, but wages are also lower than in for example England. And he is not the only one, for example Mannina, Paolo Scafora and Antonio Meccariello offer full bespoke at prices between €1100-€1500. Seems to work.
Thanks! Yeah I like that he keeps his pricing down even if he is very well renowned.
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