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Namor and Dddres: Thank you! Yeah, the color will grow old with style.
Crosspost from the Alfred Sargent thread: Unboxing a pair of AS Exclusive Hunt, Chestnut, 104-last with Wensum-sole from Skomaker Dagestad in Norway:  
Unboxing a pair of AS Exclusive Hunt, Chestnut, 104-last with Wensum-sole from Skomaker Dagestad in Norway:  
 Well, the russian reindeer is not a leather that you choose for it's durability.
T4Phage: Very beautiful loafers, in great leather! Is it Aurum standard? The welt and sole edge work is really high class.
 Thanks a lot! Maftei are only bespoke, but as such very good in price. Start at €1100 for hand welted full bespoke (€200 less for coming orders, since production of last is included in that price). The shoes in the polishing contest are Loake 1880 Aldwych tan.
 Yeah, Maftei really had an amazing range of shoes with them! Unfortunately for me it was so much work that I barely had the time to look at the shoes during the event, which I'm feeling really sorry for now afterwords.
Goodlensboy: Those boots are just amazing!
Okay, picking up the pieces of myself after the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show me and @hoodog, @Swede66 and @Frank the sheep hosted this Saturday in Stockholm, with Meermin, Vass and Maftei. Also things like bespoke shoemaking live, loads of shoe care products from Brunngård for sale, shoe care school, Swedish Championship in shoe shining and more. Was quite overwhelming, we expected a bit over 200 people coming, ended up with almost 700 visitors. About 130 shoes were bought...
That's a shame. Are they this secret with all their leather suppliers (except Horween, obviously)?I wouldn't call anything fake museum calf. Sure, Ilcea made it first, but museum from Haas, Bonaudo, Zonta etc can be great too, both regarding quality and mottling effect. The Bonaudo leather is really supple and nice, my only concern was that it doesn't take wet conditions too well, which isn't perfect for a boot as I see it. But there's many leathers with similar treatments...
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