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Yes, his wife Anna Bestetti will continue to run his business, with all the administrative parts and customer contacts and all, while the employees in the workshop will continue the production. I'm glad that his brand gets to live on.
^^^ Those are really nice! Jan Petter is a great maker, very allround.
  Riccardo Bestetti has tragically passed away, after a period of illness. Way too young. An amazing person and shoemaker. He will be missed by many.
 Yeah gets a bit confusing here, since it's often two "insoles" in sneakers. I talk about the bottom onto which the upper is glued and which is then glued towards the rubber outsole. Not the removable sole placed on top of this. AFAIK it's standard with paper board here when going with Margom soles and the likes.
^^^ Just a short note on the sneaker discussion above. There's a lot of nicely made sneakers out there today, with good upper leathers etc, but the problem is that more or less all of them use paper board insoles, which commonly gets lousy and makes the shoes ruined within a few years. Way to few use proper leather insoles for their premium sneakers.
 I think that the rubber sole is a bit too chunky and I don't like the integrated heel, but could be interesting if it's both soft and durable, especially for shoes in the entry level. 
 If you order three pairs or more it might be seen as a quantity discount.. 
 No video unfortunately, but a few pics. It doesn't show perfectly here, but as I remember it the vamp/tounge part is pre-punched, while the sides are not:  
(for some reason most of my reply didn't show before, tried editing it to see if it works now) ^^^Regarding the above discussion, Edward Green does in fact pre-punch their round-stitched toe seam. Here's some pics I've taken of Andy Peach of Edward Green doing the stitching: And here's a film:
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