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Last bump before putting them on Ebay. Now only €255, a bargain.
 Yeah, there you go 
 Thanks! Pattern Order Fair is a concept Hiro uses for some events, which is basically a limited MTO, where there's some selected models, leathers and lasts that can be used, to be able to offer a more effective production hence a lower price. 
Some photos from the superb main store of World Footwear Gallery in Jingumae, Tokyo:     Miagi Kogyos top range, developed together with WFG:    Perfetto, another Japanese brand:     [[SPOILER]]   .
 Just a note (which probably has been discussed before, but hey), the G&G standard tree to the left is not having the toe shape of TG73. They use a "generic" toe nowadays, but since all lasts (except KN14) are the same except the toe shape it works fine and can more or less be called a lasted tree anyway. But if you look at the toe shape in that picture, it's way rounder than the actual TG73 last. The last itself is very square, since all the layers of leather will round...
 That Hove make-up is awesome! And I like the solution that Carlos Santos use, imitating a split toe with the handmade decoration stitch, nice way to make production more simple and keep the price down, but still get a similar look to a hand stitched split toe.
 I believe it's a wholesaler who imports European leather, for example from French Du Puy. At least they produce good leather, I'm not sure about the other tanneries they buy from.
^^^Shell cordovan has low tensile strength, so doubt it. You normally last a regular shell shoe looser than with regular calf, to avoid tearing it apart, and in general don't use pull tabs, for example.
No the closer is an outworker, so must be a new guy then, which is great!
Alright, so Yohei already found a new guy? Or do you include the closer in those 4?Yes, I understood that, but since you were posting it in a shoe thread I thought you included shoemakers in that statement, hence my reply.
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