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 Hiro Yanagimachi and Seiji McCarthy are two other fluent English speakers. But as you say, most accept English speaking clients and make it work.
 Thanks for the kind words! 
I now published my review of the Orban's Oxford Soho (pictured below) on my blog, for those interested.  
 Alright, seen that they sold of the old Wildsmith stock, but didn't know they'd bought the brand and intend to continue it. If they continue on the path Chay and co. started on with their relaunch it could hopefully be succesful, those were really nice.
 When it's creasing in the area of the green circle I believe that it's often due to the feather edge of the last at the back part of the inner ball is too wide, that the last needs to be rounded of inwards here. I would not say that this would disappear when they put a sole on, don't know why this should affect this problem at all, but I'm no professional. 
^^^Always interesting to read your write ups Thundermarch. The pair from Yohei looks really great, congrats!
 Ok, yeah had first fittings like that as well, Maftei was really bad first one, and my first fitting with G&G they were also way too small. Second fitting much better, final pair a good fit but not perfect, my pinky toes are still a bit tight and the front of the arch is not 100%, which will be fixed for the next pair. Not bashing on your decision, but personally I never order two pairs at the same time when it's a new maker I'm working with. Even with two fittings, it's...
 Yes, will be awesome! When are you having your first fitting with Murata? And what did you ourder from Marquess?
^^^ Cheers! You mean the white at the creasing? That's just reflections.
Cross post from the Japanese shoe thread: I always enjoy seeing shoes being worned, and guess others do as well, so thought I'd share pics of the three Japanese pairs I have. First two from Yohei Fukuda, last one from Hiro Yanagimachi, all made as MTM/semi bespoke:      
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