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 If you order three pairs or more it might be seen as a quantity discount.. 
 No video unfortunately, but a few pics. It doesn't show perfectly here, but as I remember it the vamp/tounge part is pre-punched, while the sides are not:  
(for some reason most of my reply didn't show before, tried editing it to see if it works now) ^^^Regarding the above discussion, Edward Green does in fact pre-punch their round-stitched toe seam. Here's some pics I've taken of Andy Peach of Edward Green doing the stitching: And here's a film:
^^^ A shame with the mould incident. It's always complicated to translate between UK/US and EU sizing, since they overlap, so to speak. For me, I wear size 10,5 in Hiro, and also size 10,5 in Orban's 944. The latter has a more elongated toe hence looks longer, but it's supposed to.
 Hehe well it's really hard to take good product photos (I know, it's part of my job as e-commerce manager) even for professional photographers sometimes, so don't blame them. The pics above taken outdoor would probably look a bit odd if one removed the background and put them against white as is the common.
  Yeah, the shoes look ok on their site, but don't make them real justice. This is something they could improve, nice product photos means a lot for online sales.
 Yup, and I mention a couple of them. I don't think it's that weird. He started Markowski in the sort of middle of the range of budget classic shoes, and then made Septieme Largeur as a sister brand to that with shoes in the higher area of the budget segment. He then left Markowski completely, and worked with only Septieme Largeur for a while. Now he wants to battle it out in the lower budget segment, with brands like Bexley (who are huge) and Meermin and to not "drag...
Yeah, and then I think the pics on their website don't do the shoes real justice in many cases, they look better IRL. Agree, more good budget brands are good for the whole industry, they drive people in to the classic shoe market.
Could be, but I don't think so, for several reasons. I have my guess of factory, but since it seems like Orban's prefer to keep this disclosed I respect that.Edit: I read the review on the second link I posted above again, and there it's mentioned that they are made in Spain, so means it's not Santos then.
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