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 Yes, since Goyser (and Norweigan-, Norvegese- and Reverse welted-constructions) has stitching going through the upper leather into the insole, which isn't the case for Veldtschoen. This is what makes the Veldschoen construction so great when it comes to being waterproof.
^^^ I figured you would like those Ville! 
 Missed these before, absolutely stunning both of them, congrats!  Do you talk about Europreps question? Cause I don't think that it looks like the Aurum chiseled last, the last in Europreps pic is more elongated, the Aurum chiseled is shorter with a more curved outer ball area and steeper instep. Also the pic seems to be from before the "Aurum era".
Looks like 19040:He has quite a lot of lasts for his standard range, many who was developed when he worked for Kiton. Check the first page of the thread, many of the pics there are having the last nr. in the picture, like this one above.
Okay good, yeah it seemed to be a bit too good with test shoes included in that price.
 Haha yes, that makes sense    €150 upcharge for modified last. I'm not sure, but I think test shoe is included in Aurum orders, or am I wrong?
 Very beautiful, congrats!  €560 (standard RTW)+€150 (MTO) = €710 last I heard. But I know he will raise price for Aurum from €1000 to €1100 after New Year's (so those of you on the fence ordering, do it now..), so might be other price changes as well.
 Thanks! Model no is 905, this version is from Skoaktiebolaget, and they haven't had this exact make up in stock for a while unfortunately.
Three in-house workers, if I recall things correctly. BM or Nutcracker can probably confirm or correct.
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