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That's a shame. Are they this secret with all their leather suppliers (except Horween, obviously)?I wouldn't call anything fake museum calf. Sure, Ilcea made it first, but museum from Haas, Bonaudo, Zonta etc can be great too, both regarding quality and mottling effect. The Bonaudo leather is really supple and nice, my only concern was that it doesn't take wet conditions too well, which isn't perfect for a boot as I see it. But there's many leathers with similar treatments...
 G&G is a bit substandard there, don't you think? Machine welted and shit 
 Nice! (and a bit crazy  ) It could make for an epic photo though if you managed to dig 'em all out and line them up neatly.
 Haha I was just curious. 
 Damn. Do you buy a new pair every week? When did you buy your first reasonable pair?
Yeah, looks pretty elongated. But as stated above, the shot probably enhances this, since Ascot always takes photos up close with the camera which makes the image distorted (Classic photography mistake, with standard camera lenses like 18/55mm you should step away from the object and zoom in to get the correct perspective).
 The insoles on those pics looks weird. Judging by Brian's comments on this photo, where he more or less states that he "converts" it to a hand welted shoe, I'm not sure what this guy means really:    Yeah sure.
^^^ Pretty much all cobblers do the welt stitch by hand if they need to change the welt, and make a new welt stitch. Since it's not a pretty common operation, it makes no sense to have a huge and expensive Goodyear machine taking up place in your workshop. The only pro against a machine made welt stitch would be that the cobbler does a lock stitch, but to say that the shoe is made into a hand welted shoe doesn't make sense.
 It's harder to affect the color on grain leather, the cream gets cramped up in the lower parts and is harder to get it out evenly.
 You should raise prices more often 
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