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 That's very rare in general. The only one I know of who does this is Janne Melkersson / Melker Shoes. His starting price is €2800 (but then you can also join him for one week during the making of your shoes, living and meals included. For a shoe nerd, even if you don't have plans to start making shoes yourself, it's a great experience). 
In Europe there's quite a lot of relatively cheap bespoke options below €2000. Some that hasn't been mentioned above (starting prices stated are just an estimate, I don't have the latest or exact figures for all):   Poland: - Tadeusz Januskiewicz, €500 - Brunon Kaminski, €600   Austria: - Materna, €1200   Hungary: - Fabula, €450   Italy: - Mannina, €1300 - Paolo Scafora, €1800   Moldavia: - Valentin Frunza, €650     Of course the quality of the making,...
 Correct mail is marco.facchinetti@theblossomavenue.com (missed an H, that's why it bounced).
No worries 😊 Yes I can highly recommend visiting Janne and make a pair of bespoke shoes with him if one has the possibility, both for those who are really into learning the craft and for those like me who mainly want to learn how you do the craft. To sit with Janne and see how things are done and have the possibility to ask everything you can imagine, as well as trying on many of the steps (those who want can do much more work themselves than I did) was very rewarding and...
^^^I think a lot of things are read in that aren’t actually said, not by me, not by others. To try to put it as simple as possible: I think several (not all) Japanese brands (both RTW, MTO and bespoke) are making quite nice shoes for the price they cost (in Japan), they are affordable. That does not mean that there’s not European or American brands that are also affordable.  And while we’re at it: I think that there’s several (not all) Japanese bespoke shoemakers that...
   I have to say that I agree with ThunderMarch here, the reason that I have a haul for Japanese shoes is exactly that, the fact that the quality in general when it comes to what they cost is high, both when it comes to factory made shoes up to bespoke. I don't know which ones you have had samples from Leaves, there are some average ones, but my experience of many brands are in general that it's a lot of shoes for the price also for RTW. The language and social barrier is...
^^^ Yes I believe it's only possible to order when visiting Japan. Hopefully that will change soon, both for Joe Works and for other Japanese brands. I know there are several retailers in Europe looking to start selling Japanese RTW, so it's mostly a matter of time.
Some pictures from my visit at the workshop of Joe Works. Really nice Goodyear welted RTW/MTO priced at €550. They also make the RTW for Clematis and Kokon.        [[SPOILER]]   More pictures and info in a report on my blog.
 I don't understand, since it's been stated a number of times that it's Riccardo's wife together with Riccardo's employees that are continuing the brand's journey, why would it be anything else than the people that worked in the workshop that will be making the shoes now? Of course Riccardo didn't do all the work himself before, there's no need for staff if you do that..
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