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Are you able to upload any pics of the cords? Also, could you indicate which trousers are RRL and which are OS?
Allen Edmonds were my first thought, but it seemed like they had limited selection of non-leather soled boots. Did you have any models in mind?   letsgofire, how are the construction on Paul Smith shoes? I've always loved his clothing lines for being as durable as they are stylish, but I've never heard a thing about his shoe collection.   Thanks for the other tips though! I'm looking forward to visiting these showrooms in person soon.
Your best bet for AE is finding a store that carries them, or better yet, finding one of their own stores and getting measured in house by one of their sales reps. If you can't do that, they have a printable sizing guide with instructions on how to get the most accurate measure on their website.   Here: http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/TheFitRightView?langId=&storeId=1&catalogId=40000000001  
I'm heading off to London for a year soon, and I'm subsequently looking for a solid pair of waterproof, leather boots. I don't want anything that is too casual (i.e. not moc toe LL Beans) but nothing to fancy either as I already have a pair of leather sole dress boots (which are a joke in the rain).   Any suggestions? My budget is trying to keep it under 400, preferably closer to 200. I was thinking about a pair of Mark McNairy double monkstraps with a crepe sole,...
If you can afford them, get Allen Edmonds (they run between 150-300 on average). They are relatively cheap (when compared to brands of equal quality), and will outlive you if you take care of them. I found a pair of penny loafers used online for three dollars that had a blown out toe. Took them to my cobbler and had him resew the toe along the seam; they're as good as new now! I've had them resoled since, and they've well and molded to my feet. Check ebay for other...
absolutely gorgeous desert boots, alas, too small!
could you post measurements?  
still available? what are the measurements?
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