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  I emailed Edward and the the generic shoebank.  The list Edward sent me had the burgundy shell cambridge on sale, and I purchased them.  When I got the list from the main shoebank, they did not list them.  All in, I can confirm they are on sale from Freeport.  
Edward got right back to me and was super helpful and quick... you can call him at 207-865-6222, he's there now.
 it would just be my only nice brown shoe... for now :) (have brown cole haan captoe that are ok)   Thanks for the input, I'll consider also looking into oxfords.   I'm very borderline E ("fit expert" put me in 11D strands, seem fine, need an E in bayfield) but I ordered camrbidge in burgundy in both 11D and 11E - hopefully one will fit! (if not I will either send back or see if anyone couldn't get a pair here)
I'm working on re-building my business shoe collection.  Any reason I should not get the cambridge in burgundy as go-to non-black shoe?  I'd be wearing them with navy or grey wool pants.  I have a pair of black strands and brown chromexcel boots so far.   Was not planning on getting shoes today... but it's hard to pass this up!
Just wanted to follow up.  After getting fitted at Nordstrom, the 11D fit perfectly.  I'm surprised as I'm a borderline wide, and this is a narrow last, but the shoe is comfortable and looks good. Thanks for everyone's help.   Next up is trying to figure out what shoe care I need before I wear these out... (I'm sure i'll be able to find more than enough info on these forums)
that's fantastic on both the Nordstrom sale and the seconds sale.  Thank you very much.  If I can figure out my size by the 7th, i will certainly get a pair of seconds - I've heard nothing but good things.  
thanks for all the quick responses guys.  Good point made on getting the right size, I guess saving $65 won't make sense if the shoe is too wide.  I was thinking that maybe I could pull off a 3e because the last is narrow to begin with, but I'll go to Nordstrom and try on the PA's and see what I think.   I won't be able to wait for July to buy them, as the pair of black shoes I have now is done, but do you think the Strand sale will definitely be a yearly occurrence...
Hello,   Long time lurker - but had a question I could not find by searching.   I'm going to be purchasing my first pair of Allen Edmonds , (the strand).  My foot is a bit on the wide side and I cannot try a pair of these on anywhere - the closest thing would be the park ave's in 11D at the local Nordstrom, but I'm not sure if that will help my ultimate question - is there a big difference between the e and eee?  I would normally just try the e, but endless only...
Hi Guys,   First time poster, long time lurker.  I've been wanting a briefcase for business use.  My office is rather business casual, and the majority of the people emphasize the casual - but I was wondering what your thoughts were On he 256 for the office in tan?  I've seen this asked here before, but if anyone has pictures of the 256 with nice business attire I'd appreciate it.  I'd like it to go from bus casual to a suit if needed.  Other people in my office seem...
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