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great advice - thanks.  I feel like i keep over-thinking every pair of shoes I buy.  
Just got back from the rack and found a nice pair of brown hinsdale for $219 - anyone have experience with these?  I still haven't found my perfect size/last combo - i wear an 11d in the 5 last (strands) and they are a touch tight, but manageable - I got these in an 11.5d and they actually fit great.  I think these are on the 8 last, it has a euro look to it (at least to me) with a bit longer toe.  I did not think I would like this, but I gave them a shot at the price...
anyone have any experience or photos in the wild  of the san marco in brown grain?  Thinking of getting a pair of those and the sand player's (would also love to see a photo of these).
    +1,000,000 - how did you know, and what was it doing on the sidewalk?    
Taking a closer looks at my shell leeds, I noticed it's not a bubble, but part of the leather is matted down and has a weird texture.  It's actually not that noticeable when I'm walking, but I'm worried it might be an issue over time as the rest of the shoe gets a patina and this part doesn't.  Does anyone hear know what this could be and if it's a "serious" defect?    
  I would certainly get the leeds if they were on sale for firsts.  I do not think I explained the part of the shoe very well, its in the inner part of the foot, where you would kick a soccer ball if you were passing it, on the upper. You can see it looking down on the shoes.  I'll have pictures later tonight.      
I agree... $300 shells seemed to good to be true!
My shell seconds have been disappointing thus far... I've gotten and returned two pairs of shell camrbidge, and my leeds came in last night.  They look amazing, but I noticed on left side of the right shoe (Insole?) they cordovan has a big bump.  This is probably a worthless post without a photo (will take a post once I get home from work) - but in the meantime, anyone have any ideas or have seen anything like what I'm describing?  It almost looks like its bubbled out...
I got both pair's of burgundy shell cambridge shoes (11D and 11E) and it looks like I'm going to need a 10.5E.  It's too bad, because the 11D looks fantastic (the 11E had a slight tear at the heal on one shoe), but it just seems too long.  I'm going to return these back to the outlet unless anyone is interested?  I would not charge more (or less) than I paid from outlets.    
you can return to an AE store (even if its not a factory).  Wish they had the strand in my size.
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