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just saw this... what is it?  Is this an aftermarket monk strap?
i was misinformed by sales person I guess... maybe I could have tried an E/EE.  
  thanks patrick, I'm sure someone else grabbed them.     I think we have the same problem in re: to volume.  I couldn't get a good fit in the macneils, 11D was too narrow, 10.5 EEE was huge, i never tried an 11.5D.
  Found it its $255 - Edward told me they are on hold for a customer, I'm assuming this is you?  I'm really not sure if I would need a bigger size than this, but it might be worth a shot.  Were they too small in width, length or volume?
      My wife might not be happy (i'll blame you for telling me they are available) - what price are they on sale? Also - do you know what size you are in Bayfields?  The 11D's were very tight in the brown chromexcl, but the 11d in leeds was good for me.
  It is a current promotion the AE outlets are offering as part of their memorial day sale.  Keep in mind, the price is for second quality.  If you do not have an outlet near by (as seems the case for most people) you can do what I did and email or call Edward at the Freeport, Maine outlet:     t  (207)-865-6222 e
My walnut Kenilworth came in today - they are great!  at $149 for good quality seconds, these were a steal.  They fit bigger than the strands in the same size, but I actually prefer the bigger size (I think this means my strands are a bit snug for me).  Anyway - here is a photo (with and without flash).  I might actually pick up a second pair in brown or black while they are on sale.  
placed my order for Walnut Kenilworth for $149 - fyi, shoe care products are 15% off from outlets as part of the sale, so I got some polish, etc and it all shipped free with the shoes.
  those look sharp!
                      As mentioned earlier, the memorial sale starts tomorrow - Edward just emailed me a pdf scan of the flyer if anyone wants to take a look. I'm really liking the kenilworth at that price - going to start looking for in the wild photos now.
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