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how much were the blue neumok's?  
nordstrom half yearly ae's online
Burnished brown Hinsdale yesterday  
  Yup - I'm in CT and have done this a few times.    I prefer dealing with the Maine outlet - if they have the shoe in stock, it ships rather quickly to CT.  You can reach Edward of the Freeport, ME store at  (207)-865-6222
any chance i could pull off one of these bf suits if I wear a long?
hey guys - first time checking out this thread (and wish I had earlier so i could have grabbed those suede lw's)- do sales like these happen frequently?  Also, can anyone tell me if the suits listed here are canvased? TIA   edit: just read the description and they are fully canvased - seems like a steal at this price... please correct me if I'm mistaken
those look sweet... might do those instead of strands in walnut (already have strands in black)...and I like this last in the hinsdale.  thanks for the heads up.
i vomited on my keyboard when I saw it, just wanted to make sure AE did not make a shoe like this. 
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