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I am recently thinking about running a small business for online retail for more extra income.I would pretty much love to sell men apparel,shoes,etc. My idea is like letting chinese wholesale stores like, etc. ship to my customers.So,I don't have to invest on stocking goods before selling ..Do you think this idea will be okay ?   As I have free time apart from working and can be online often,I think this...
oh...maybe someone could offer some help to me ? this is my first time to run a company I swear .
oh shit... I am making  minus 100 k  a year now .. so  embarrassing !   I am running company right now. hope I will get profits this year for my goodness. 
Hi Fok,^^     Long time no see here .I am very busy . And now I feel nothing to do ,so I come here and take a look for a kind of home feeling , hehe   I am a  designer for clothes. btw
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