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I am recently thinking about running a small business for online retail for more extra income.I would pretty much love to sell men apparel,shoes,etc. My idea is like letting chinese wholesale stores like http://freeshipping.cm/index.php, http://wholesale-orders.com/ etc. ship to my customers.So,I don't have to invest on stocking goods before selling ..Do you think this idea will be okay ?   As I have free time apart from working and can be online often,I think this...
oh...maybe someone could offer some help to me ? this is my first time to run a company I swear .
oh shit... I am making  minus 100 k  a year now .. so  embarrassing !   I am running company right now. hope I will get profits this year for my goodness. 
Hi Fok,^^     Long time no see here .I am very busy . And now I feel nothing to do ,so I come here and take a look for a kind of home feeling , hehe   I am a  designer for clothes. btw
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