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A much older colleague remarked this morning that Mr. Tredeau was wearing brown shoes to be sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada, but 30 years ago you couldn't even wear brown shoes to court. Reminded me of the comments about President Kennedy and hats.
2010 special selection is almost universally well-regarded.
This was alive and well last night.
Yes, I'm finding this to be a trend with all of my 80's Mondavi reserve. The 90's are much better.
Cork was destroyed and initial taste was terrible. Took about 1.5 hours to open in the decanter but it was decent. I had the 89 last week and it was much better. I'm looking forward to the various early 90s. I'd have mistaken both for clarets in a blind test, particularly the 89.
1986 Robert Mondavi Reserve CabSauv. Purchased in 1991 during the liquidation of the London Chop House's wine cellar when it closed in 1991 (you can still see their cellar inventory tag). Been about 60 minutes in the decanter, my fingers are crossed. But it may have been too late for this one.
These are some recent additions to my collection. Debating whether to sell or drink the Lafite. A case of 86 commanded a serious premium in 2011 according to Bloomberg News, but it seems the prices have dropped recently. I'm a little concerned about the fill level on the 87 Mondavi Reserve. Any thoughts on whether this would be considered a short fill or is it normal for this wine? I find most of the Mondavi Reserves I have are shorter fills than most of my...
Can anyone recommend a good wine discussion/buying/selling forum? I signed up with Wine Spectator forum but it's terribly antiquated and heavily moderated. I posted a week ago and it still hasn't been approved.
I'm hoping to get a few things into the LCBO Vintages auction. Seems to happen annually. I can just imagine the fees now.Edit - here is a link to coverage of last year's event -
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