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     Quote: Thanks for the tips, guys.  As far as I can tell, these are both wool serge (a no-go for me; I'm a vegan ) and not cotton whipcord--checking with Jack Straw to confirm.  The search continues!
Anyone know of any North America/Euro stockists of the navy whipcord Bedford 'sides Context?  I slept and missed out on their size M.
Some shots of the the shawl collar knit jacket, via Wharf:    
I'm Ed, from Long Island.  Recently decided that I've spent enough time lurking on the Engineered Garments FW11 thread that I should probably just join in on the fun.  I work for a Midtown NYC non-profit right around the corner from Nepenthes, which has been--shall we say--a bit of a problem.   Other notable bio-bit is that I'm a vegan and as such don't wear any leather, wool, or silk.  This brings with it some interesting style challenges.   Uh, yerp!
  Stopped by Bloomingdales SoHo today and they have the black/yellow small floral scarf too (along with two of the other floral FW scarves... only missing the small olive/pink).  Also saw the navy/tan/white work shirt, brown duck painter pant, one of the indigo denim pants (forget which), blue chambray BD, and the grey duffle.  I'd had my fingers crossed that they'd get the navy whipcord Bedford, but alas!
Give Nepenthes a call.  I'm fairly certain I saw one in there as recently as last week.  
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