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  Essentially this is the reason. I didn't simply sign up to post this, I've been registered here for two years now and this is how I heard about Luxire. I first contacted their customer service right after receiving the shirt. I provided photographs I felt showed the discrepancy in measurements. They sent me back my order and I checked all the measurements and found in the process the chest and waist (which I felt were too tight) were both not what I specified as well,...
I don't want to be difficult, but the people I have been in contact with are not taking responsibility for mistakes made in the manufacturing of the shirt. I have tried to take as detailed of photos as possible in strict accordance with what is on their website and have taken overhead shots, as flat as possible with one shirt atop the other so there is zero confusion. To again state the measurements in question, that were confirmed by the email:   Sleeves:...
The quoted sleeve length was 30.5", confirmed in the order, that's the length of the shirt shown (blue). The Luxire shirt's sleeves (stripped, posted above) comes out between 27" and 27.5". The measurements of the waist and chest are also both short, unless you physically stretch the fabric. Below is the confirmation I was sent.     I will post a shot of the Luxire shirt with the tape measurement above it when I get home from work this evening.
That photo clearly shows the original shirt is 30.50", the next two photos shows the shirt overlaid to the same spot, and the arms are 3" short.  
Long-time lurker; I ordered a shirt from Luxire using the 'Measure Existing Shirt' process in the middle of July, it arrived Monday this week.   I am reticent to badmouth a brand, but my experience has been very negative. The shirt I ordered doesn't meet the measurements I specified. The waist and chest only meet the measurements specified if the shirt is held down on one side and physically stretched. The sleeves are comically short (nearly 3") of the shirt I used...
If you want consistency from the movement, the Timex is a better choice. I like Seiko, have a SKX173 that keeps great time, but I also own three Timex and they are less fussy.
Willing to consider split shipping costs for international.
Buyer would have to have to split cost of shipping with me at least.
**EDIT Double post, sorry**
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