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I would also like the shoes and will happily pay shipping for them. Regards.
Quote: Originally Posted by Taken Aback That's the key issue here. Is it unreasonable to expect a BB peacoat to last this long? Do they state or imply it will hold up better than this? If so, he can walk in with his head held high. It lasted 10 years....and now he wants to return it. The key issue is common sense.......or maybe not so common..... Regards.
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM Done, I'm never sure whether to post in thread or send PM first. Was it too small for you or too big? I suppose it may wind up right back on FS, but I have to try at that price. It was a touch small for me...I did consider keeping it just cos it was such an awesome coat, and I could loose weight......yada yada....but SF got it for SF gets it back!!!! SOLD!!!!! Regards.
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM I'll take it if nobody else has! Then send me a PM......... Regards
Kiton....Eu58L IMO fits 46L but see measurements......Here you go measured flat: Sleeves=26 inches, it has functional sleeves, so cant be changed much Chest is 23 3/34, just under 48 inches total BOC=32.5 TOC=34 ish Belly is a solid 22 inches Shes a beauty, and a Kiton blue blazer is quite a staple. Regards. PS. Yes, I am passing it along at EXACTLY what I got it for from a forumite, antirabbit who gave it to me for an awesome price, but it doesnt fit...
Dopey....donah love you! I like the Rolex Exp 2 more than the 1. Very easy to get, reliable and available new for a decent price....spend about the same for a JLC Ultrathin which is a lot more.....dressy. Regards.
Toooooo big!! Nice choos!! The seller is simply awesome!! Have bought chooos from him before....simply perfect experience!! Regards.
I havent bought a thing in years. Regards.
Wow, at least he has the right idea as these are tailored suits, they fit right....and throw away the rest. Regards.
I saw them today and they are very good. Regards.
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