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Got the 4th AE Shell in past month. The Macneils and Leeds fit fine in 11.5D but the brown Strand is a wee bit tight and long in 11.5D. Will for the first time, go to the AE store at lunch and actually get sized! Likely get the Strand in a 11E and give the 11.5D back at the store. Regards.
No-We are on different pages....enjoy your preorder and the 'extra' 50% at delivery time....Regards.
Thats a 50% non refundable deposit on G&G Preorder......not a 40% off sale on G&G.....huge difference...its only money....Regards
The following styles will be included in the 2 for $300 outlet promotion July 23rd - Aug 5thNeumora black, brownShelton walnut w/ brown saddle (1st and 2nd Q)LaSalle blackClifton black, walnutWinnetka brown (1st Q and 2nd Q)Golf - all factory secondsBrooks dress casual (currently $179) - Presidio, Shelton, Elgin, McTavish, Montgomery, San Marco, BoatPrevious outlet make ups - Burton, Cortland, Hastings, Fairfax, Hinsdale, Mapleton, Hale, Parkland, Milford, WeybridgeRegards.
Allen Edmonds, call the Shoe Bank, 2 pairs for $300 special on seconds. Regards.
I read your email exchanges with him. I run a business, and I agree with you, there is a limit to tire kickers!Regards.
Get the Allen Edmonds. Please. Regards.
Talked to Nick on the phone today about my shoes in detail, he convinced me not to get the custom sock liner for extra money but just use a tongue pad, which he would put on the shoe gratis. Since when does a business talk a customer out of spending money? ....Nick does, if its money he feel is being wasted! Full JR resole and flush metal toe plate on Alden Whiskey NST, will take about a week to get done and then back to Houston. Regards.
WOW, now thats standing behind your product!! Regards.
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