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Those are very nice, i am glad after so many years, I finally get to see a picture of the elusive cufflinks. No old thread, I dont think I will ever see them sold here, but if i do, you will know of it !Regards.
I am pretty sure Stanley Korshak used to stock this particular model. Call them and they will help you out or email, he is the owner and gets things done!Regards.
They come up on B&S here regularly....I will keep an eye out for you:slayer:Regards.
Just came in from Japan....Wanted to see what all the Casio RAF version hype is about.....interesting and feels so light on my wrist...and first watch that is appreciating so quickly! Regards.
RJ, you are still looking for the cufflinks.....:ember:Regards.
Storm33, If they are first quality, send them back. If they are seconds, then its your decision, it should not adversly affect wear, but it may bug you:embar: Regards.
Isshi, your contributions are simply awesome! Regards.
^^ I cant stop looking at the pocket square.....kindly replace with something a little less.....bold. Great look otw. Regards.
Thank you Sir Regards.
I miss Vox. Regards
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