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After a looong time I got measured at the AE store today on the brannock. L- 10D R- 11D AE- 11.5D, except Strand in 11D. Peal- 11.5D RL- (C&J , EG) 11.5D EG- 10.5/11 E 202, 11/11.5 D 888, 82 Lobb- 10.5E UK 7000/8000, except William feels way bigger in 10.5E UK. G&G- 11E UK Berluti- 11.5D US AS- 10.5F UK Alden- 11.5D Plaza, 11.5D in Barrie is way too big. Suzuki- I wish.... So it seems the *Device* is no where near my personal comfortable shoe sizes, which i don't wear...
So I did go to the AE store and on the *Device*, i was L-10D R-11D, and I normally wear a 11.5D. I tried the 11E in PA (same last) and it was loose, so ended up getting the Shell Strand in a 11D and its fine.Regards.
I didnt like the very quiet nature of the 112, so after a year of it sitting in the safe, i got the 312. Regards.
Got the 4th AE Shell in past month. The Macneils and Leeds fit fine in 11.5D but the brown Strand is a wee bit tight and long in 11.5D. Will for the first time, go to the AE store at lunch and actually get sized! Likely get the Strand in a 11E and give the 11.5D back at the store. Regards.
No-We are on different pages....enjoy your preorder and the 'extra' 50% at delivery time....Regards.
Thats a 50% non refundable deposit on G&G Preorder......not a 40% off sale on G&G.....huge difference...its only money....Regards
The following styles will be included in the 2 for $300 outlet promotion July 23rd - Aug 5thNeumora black, brownShelton walnut w/ brown saddle (1st and 2nd Q)LaSalle blackClifton black, walnutWinnetka brown (1st Q and 2nd Q)Golf - all factory secondsBrooks dress casual (currently $179) - Presidio, Shelton, Elgin, McTavish, Montgomery, San Marco, BoatPrevious outlet make ups - Burton, Cortland, Hastings, Fairfax, Hinsdale, Mapleton, Hale, Parkland, Milford, WeybridgeRegards.
Allen Edmonds, call the Shoe Bank, 2 pairs for $300 special on seconds. Regards.
I read your email exchanges with him. I run a business, and I agree with you, there is a limit to tire kickers!Regards.
Get the Allen Edmonds. Please. Regards.
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