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I still use shoe trees, but ones that dont fit too tight, just fill the vamp to keep things nice, no significant pressure. Regards.
Same as plain cap toe.Regards.
Got my Alden whiskey shells back, awesome soles and flush metal toe plates, were perfectly done!! Uppers cleaned and nourished. Communication was prompt throughout whole process. Regards. Edit to add pics.
Kindly send all 11.5 to me to personally try out Regards.
jerrybrown, the 202 looks so much more anatomically correct than the 32 for most feet. Regards.
I just put a PFS on my 682 Gold E, it works well for flinch. I also have another Graco like recoil reduced on my Perazzi, but the stock comb movement with shooting still causes me issues. Ended up shooting the Beretta auto best with the parallel stock, so all the O/U sit in safe! Regards.
Paypal sent for U last 45, shoe #4 above. Kindly confirm. Regards.
Email and locate them, I will ship/proxy them to you at cost.Regards.
Those are very nice, i am glad after so many years, I finally get to see a picture of the elusive cufflinks. No old thread, I dont think I will ever see them sold here, but if i do, you will know of it !Regards.
I am pretty sure Stanley Korshak used to stock this particular model. Call them and they will help you out or email, he is the owner and gets things done!Regards.
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