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In my experiemce...High rise: Oxxford, highest in OTR pants. Zegna Chester Barre Zanella Incotex, their 100+ wool dress pants Ralph Lauren Blue Label And there is always bespoke.... Regards.
OMG!!!! Regards.
For every minute you use the spoon and cream.....brush for 20....then brush some more!! Shell loves to be brushed!!! Regards.
Pics added to post above. Regards.
I use Lexol conditioner. Rarely anything else. Regards.
Barefoot is least formal. Regards.
Thats been my worse scratch magnet...by far!!Regards.
Correct. One step below, all else being equal.The more the designs on the shoe i.e. stitching, brogueing, surface irregularities etc, the less formal.Also, the rounder soft classic last like a 202 is more formal in my eyes than 888.Regards.
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