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^, I have the same Alden shell boots. I hate that the tongue slips to the side and this boot needs speed hooks! I may sell them!! Regards.
No worries. Glad I made you laugh.Regards.
Bery bery nice.Regards.
$650 Paypal + fees (plus shipping of your choice at cost). This is what the shoe looks like, mine is still in box with lasted trees and bags. Regards.
The soles are not EG i am pretty sure. I think they are decently done.I cant tell much from the pictures but there was no way i would ever spend 6500 Euros for this shoe from EG new. So i will post pics, if the leather is cracked then they are not *best A1*....paypal protection will step in, and he has good feedback.At the price, it was worth a calculated risk.Regards.
I bought the shoes off ebay, fuzzy pics and all. Will let you know once they come in.Regards.
EG Croc, splits? Regards.
Crocodile Edward Green. Nice. Very nice...but the fuzzy picture may be hiding cracked skin. Regards.
My size.....Regards.
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