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Tom, Great communication, and awesome shoes. I appreciate it.Regards.
Shit!!! I gave in....to pointy boots Regards.
They are my boot size, but are too damn pointy!!!Regards.
Spoo, thanks for the post. Will let you know how the mustache looks on my feet. He has shown the inside of the left shoe, the outside has a nice little buckle on this model of the Saint Crispin 545.greek, the boots he has are nice, but i dont like pointy boots.We can all hope together he is real!Regards.
Now that was a stupid thing to do. He would be lucky if it stays under 600.....but i guess there is a chance.Regards,
WOW!!! Thats an awesome rebuild!!! Regards.
Yup, I agree.Regards.
^, sleep well my friend! Regards.
Again, amazing shoe collection. Regards
Simply awesome shoes above. Regards.
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