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My suede C&J with dainite soles is my go to shoe for the rain, just spray the suede with a good water repellent periodically.Regards.
Similar problem with 2 pairs of new JL bought at the Houston NM store late last year. Shoe Goo worked and shoes are alive and well. Regards. PS. B. Nelson just added metal toe plates to 12 pairs of my shoes so i wont face this situation again!
Wolf winders are great, long lasting, functional winders with good after sales support if needed. Buy with no hesitation. Regards.
Can we get speed hooks? I would greatly appreciate it. Regards.
I like my boot!!Hope we have speed hooks on top 4 holes for convenience Regards.
Namor, are those our boots? Regards.
Very cool. I likes them, and all the awesome vintage shoes on this page!!Regards.
marblehouse, thanks. Got the Kiton. Regards. NWT Kiton SC - Cash Linen Silk - 56 / 46 -
This is nasty. How the hell can anyone wear piss stained clothing ???? Sorry. It's nauseating me to even think of it :-( Regards.
I didn't buy the trifecta as I was on a flight to Doha. Long damn flight. Regards.
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