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I put this in the safe where it usually sleeps and put a white SS Daytona on for the rest of the day....much, much more comfortable. I am 6'1, 225 with 7.25-7.5" wrists, so not a little guy. My 43mm DSSD is as tall as the 44mm 312 but it wears a lot smaller. The back of the 312 just doesn't agree with my wrist at all. Sorry, i cant educate on the Pre-V etc as I dont know it well. I just asked Simona to send me 6 different straps and she made some nice ones and sent them over.
Thanks Warren and stitches. I dont like my 312 as its just not comfortable to wear, something you dont quickly appreciate at the AD, though it looks very nice no doubt.In fact i went home at lunch today to get this watch off and back into the safe, it is 17 months old and I think worn maybe 10 days total. Strap is an aftermarket version of the OEM JV strap.Regards.
Panerai day yesterday... Regards.
Appreciate the proxy offer, but i very capable of banging it up myself .I have a bunch of Rolex, SS vintage to modern, TT and a yellow one. IWC chrono, Panerai 112, 312, JLC MUT and a VC thats older dress watch. I like the Rolex as they tolerate a ton of abuse and keep on ticking as long as I send them off for service.The others pretty much stay on the winders in the safe, the Panerai dont even fit the wolf winders so they just sit! Tried a PP and it stayed in the box,...
Thanks, wearing the DSSD now, it wears big and small at the same time! I feel its big and appropriately heavy but from the observers perspective it looks like a the dial is no bigger. Its got the *right* wrist presence compared to my sub, subc, SD.The PP above....Whats the durability as a daily wear watch, does it scratch easily, and overall is a daily use watch worn in rotation? I tend to wear them a week or so at a time every 6-12 weeks.I had the PP Worldtime...
Stitches, Interesting that you posted this watch. I bought the DSSD last week, so I pretty much completed the SS Rolex lineup. Thinking of a DD 2 in white gold or adding the above annual calendar later this year. Kindly educate me on this watch.Regards.
I went to the AD 2 was too top heavy, but bracelet was loose....just took the plunge the third day and bought it...sized it, added half link from my Hulk, removed the divers extention and the watch fits perfect. Regards.
JayJay, how does the supercharged 63 compare to the biturbo? I have always had and liked twins.....Heavily modded Lingenfelter Twin Turbo Camaro 1200hp, lightly modded Supra Twin Turbo being my other twins.Never ever driven a supercharged car Regards.
Its Black/Black, nimble as there is very little lean of the car in turns. The base setting of the bolsters on sides. thigh, shoulders can be set, but dont remember if they are retained in memory for dynamic.Just came back from a long lunch and drive, almost sad to get home and the massage ended.Regards.
TC, the torque is beyond insane....just when your think it cant pull pulls your body back harder into the seat and you feel is in your face! The dynamic seats are superb in turns, thats one feature that works as claimed, and massage is not too bad.JayJay, agree totally, the night vision is not only useless, its a dangerous distraction. I took this picture with my 10 yr old daughter in the passenger seat and she likes it, as you can see my revs are sedate.Regards.
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