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All paid up for my Miller! Send em over Regards.
Where is my Miller? Regards.
I dont think its in the spirit of this thread, it should be fair game to notify all members who read. Regards.
Had a Silver one of those, a 1995 TT Supra.....the ONLY car I regret selling!!!!Regards.
Got this yesterday. Regards.
HRoi, Its strap #3.Per Peter: The straps are made by HERMES trained craftsman and the leather lining is the same type used by CF of Paris.peter.watchacc@gmail.comRegards.
I put this in the safe where it usually sleeps and put a white SS Daytona on for the rest of the day....much, much more comfortable. I am 6'1, 225 with 7.25-7.5" wrists, so not a little guy. My 43mm DSSD is as tall as the 44mm 312 but it wears a lot smaller. The back of the 312 just doesn't agree with my wrist at all. Sorry, i cant educate on the Pre-V etc as I dont know it well. I just asked Simona to send me 6 different straps and she made some nice ones and sent them over.
Thanks Warren and stitches. I dont like my 312 as its just not comfortable to wear, something you dont quickly appreciate at the AD, though it looks very nice no doubt.In fact i went home at lunch today to get this watch off and back into the safe, it is 17 months old and I think worn maybe 10 days total. Strap is an aftermarket version of the OEM JV strap.Regards.
New Posts  All Forums: