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It's a blue day. Regards.
Mr Monty, nice shoes. I see you still like the exotics. :-) Regards.
Took the stickers off and sized it today. Regards.
dddrees, equus, Dino...thanks for the kind words. I got it from AD so will register for 3rd year warranty sticker. It's a well finished watch with sharp contrasts on the case and bracelet. Regards.
Got the stickers off and sized it. Regards.
Mr Monty, those St C boots run one full size large, dont go by the seller listing of 1/2 size up from UK to US. You would need a 10.5 UK which is still a loose 11.5US in that last Regards.
Nore, u have exactly 5000 posts!! Wazzup? Regards.
Will try and get pics tonight. I had high hopes for the trees, love the old EG lasted trees. Its one of those things I enjoy. Regards.
Got my Millers! Had a quick look at them over lunch, beautiful boot, the shell needs some elbow grease, but overall finishing is nice. Disappointed with the 3 piece boot tree as it doesn't fill the vamp or heel well. Certainly not fitted to the last, nor worth the significant added price. They could learn a thing or 2 from Vass trees. Regards.
I dont like that Lobb.Regards.
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